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Raki then begins to study swordsmanship under Isley's care.[6]. The man straightened and coldly stared down at Raki. The boy, perhaps around the age of 11, rebounded off him and landed in … Raki is the male supporting protagonist in the manga/anime series Claymore. Raki wanders through the ruins of an Alfons village. As other trainees watch, Raki leaps outside and grabs another trainee's sword. He is encouraged by Jean to go after Clare when she goes to fight Priscilla. In gratitude for leading her this far, she leaves Raki with her arm buried in his shoulder, which prevents the rods from absorbing the life force out of Raki. Outside the city and after Priscilla destroys the Riful-like Being, Raki engages Priscilla in combat. At the departure from the Organization's crumbled remains, he goes with Miria's team to Rabona by ship, which saves them ten days of traveling, with the intention of pulling out Clare from the cocoon before Cassandra arrives. [24], Before the 7-year timeskip, Raki displays no unique abilities. Did Claire ever reunite with Raki? They discover an injured Raki and comment that he appears to be the only survivor. In an unnamed town, he cannot regenerate his centaur legs and topples. Instead of killing him, she pierced him with her arm and severed it, sealing off the infection as a parting gift before abandoning him. They are also referred to as "Silver Eyed Witches", based on their appearance and seemingly cold nature toward others. After the Claymores' Rebellion against the Organization ended, Raki is seen with the trainees who appear to greet Miria and the others. Raki scheint ungefair 15-16 Jahre alt zu sein Er war anfangs nur gut mit ihr befreundet wurde aber in einer Folge von Clare geküsst und gestand ihr in der letzten Folge seine Liebe, denoch ist es unklar ob sie ein Paar sind Er wurde von Isley im Schertkampf unterrichtet Er ähnelt Clare als sie jünger war He asks Raki to accompany the young girl home. In color manga illustrations, his eyes are depicted as blue.Raki without armor, Extroverted. Galatea cannot detect Clare's aura and sees little hope of pulling out Clare. Upon their entry into the city, Galatea and some knights, including Galk and Sid, greet the party, and the two knights remark on Raki's growth and his well-being, happy to see him alive. He tells the warriors that he was the boy who accompanied Clare seven years ago. He could see Claire's true self-hidden under her trauma-induced icy demeanor. He asks Raki to accompany the young girl home. Raki's Japanese voice actor is Motoki Takegi while his English voice actor is Todd Haberkorn. Clare's surprised face soon also flows with tears as she hugs him back, thus completing their reunion. There were very few people out for the time of day that it was, other than a few children. Puns and allusions—based on "luck" or "lucky"—go untranslated, due to the use of "Raki" in most translations. What's new. He is surprised to see familiar faces amongst the Claymores like Helen and Deneve. [80], Raki later rescues Rafutera from her guard escort. [79], While the Twins aid the Claymore rebels, Raki takes over the protection of trainees. He tried unsuccessfully to attack the Yoma and was about to be eaten himself when Clare intervened. [69], Meanwhile in the southern region of Mucha, Abyss Feeders pursue Isley. However, she passes her limits in battle and begs Galk to kill her. Raki is next seen with Raftela, who is still alive but greatly injured. Near the city, he notices that there are several people observing Rabona, but Deneve cautions him to not step any closer to them, for they are Awakened Beings (mostly former single digits.) In the anime, events are slightly different. there she meet Raki a young boy whos parents have been killed by the youma she is there to kill. Anyway in the first episode we get to see a village that is hunted by a youma and a Clare come to get rid of it. Raki is Clare's friend and is shown to care deeply for her. [4] There, Clare separated with Raki in hopes that he would have a chance at survival while she lured Ophelia away. She morphs into the Former Single-digit awakened being. Deneve was the first woman whose bare breasts Raki saw. Now, Raki takes on the Organization's men who are guarding the trainees inside the headquarters. When they arrived Clare was pleasantly surprised to find Irene waiting for them with a regenerated arm. [41], In the anime, Galk gives Raki a Rabona sword as a farewell present. Chronos then leaves Raki with the statement of, "If you get the timing right, you might become a stronger blade than anyone else here.". Raki then walks towards the cocoon's base and calls out to Clare. Raki also mentions that Priscilla's small frame is probably due to the fact that she has not eaten any human flesh for a few years, although she is probably "at her limit". Image Gallery Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. During this time Raki also cares very deeply for Clare, and protects her without hesitation from anyone; even another Claymore. However, the assimilated Cassandra and, later, Octavia try to devour him, and this forces Clare back onto the battlefield. He goes with Clare to the holy city of Rabona disguised as Clare's little brother so she could do her job without raising any suspicion. The leader of the group, Dae, plans to take Raki back to the Organization, believing that being infected by the Awakened projectiles may yield some interesting results. He wanders about in a sandstorm, then collapses. After the battle, Clare and Raki begin their travels together. When he equivocates, she grabs him by the collar. It's set on an island, and it remain so throughout the story. Later, a retrieval group from the Organization discovers the decimated town Raki and Priscilla were in. Vu cet amour pour la # 47 des claymores, Raki s'inquiète souvent de cette combattante offensive. What made her able to revert back. [32] Remembering her own situation as a child, she allows Raki to accompany her as a "cook." He then asks of Clare's whereabouts and is told about her being trapped in the Destroyer's cocoon with Priscilla. Raki searches the village for the Claymore. During the Battle of the North, Raki reappears after separating from Clare in Scene 34. Subjugué par la beauté de la jeune fille, il va aussi découvrir les terribles secrets qui se cachent derrière l'organisation Claymore et le … Raki suspected that Isley drew something away (Abyss Feeders), so Raki and Priscilla would be left unharmed.[103]. Before the two were separated, Clare kissed Raki and vowed that she would live and find him, no matter what. After Miria reveals her scheme to defeat Priscilla, Chronos says he will relay the plan to his comrades, but will wait for Miria to act first. But a small child intervenes. Cluttered and dirty. After Renée promises to give Clare a message and departs, Raki pats the head of Priscilla. Isley correctly predicted that once Priscilla had cut Raki down, she would no longer consider him a threat and thus would not expect a surprise attack. Alternately, "Rakki" is a common way of transliterating the English word "Lucky" into Japanese. Raki travels with Isley and Priscilla and discovers Priscilla's true nature when he catches her eating guts. Clare, with the help of Galk and Sid, kills Yoma. Wondering if she is really helping him, he tries to make sense of what is going on, but she attacks him. Opposite of the introverted personality of Clare. They also explain he would use the sword like all warriors. The apocryphal etymology of "Raki" as deriving from the plural noun raki,[14] Polish for "crayfishes," originated as a pun on the Animesuki Claymore forum. Despite the hardships he's been through, Raki never lost his kind heart; though seeing inhumane and cruel things like the Organization's actions will cause Raki to show less restraint and forgiveness. In the anime, Raki accompanies Clare at Strah. When the series begins, Raki appeared as a pre-adolescent with short light-brown hair and a trademark scar above his left eyebrow. The Organization recognizes the improvement of Clare's mental state as a result. Shortly after the Warriors' revolt started, Raki was awake in his cell and holding onto the bars. [30], Raki awakes at an inn. [81] When he recovered, he thanked Clare for defeating the Yoma and finally found out her name. He was allowed to travel and is very close to her, wishing to be able to help her fight and protect her like she protected him. Meanwhile, Ophelia disposed of the Awakened Being, with ease, and immediately attempted tracking Clare and Raki. The following morning, Miria and the others immediately take Raki to the Destroyer's cocoon. Raki fights off other guards as the trainees regenerate Rafutera. [48], Clare reattaches her legs, but Ophelia throws Raki to the awakened being. ; If colored contact lenses existed, it would've made sense to use that, but wearing Sinister Shades (Come on now.) After finding Raki in the north, Isley takes him in and becomes Raki's teacher and mentor. At Rabona, Raki carried a statue that had within it Clare's Claymore. Raki almost beheads her. Raki's dialogue reveals that he now knows Priscilla's true nature. [101], Chronos details Isley's history as warrior No. Then she rescues Raki. [57], While Isley spars with Raki, Priscilla wanders outside. Miria adds that they appear to be former single-digits with high baselines. He deflects the Twin's attacks. Thereby the responsibility of the boy's treatment is that of the officer in charge (Rubel). Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. And that he only wishes to be at Clare's side forever. Raki pretends to be her younger brother to enhance Clare's disguise as an art dealer. [31], In the wooded outskirts of Egon, Raki meets a Yoma wearing a Claymore uniform. When she was a child, a yoma made her part of its disguise and its toy, often torturing her. The people of this world have dubbed these warriors "Claymores" based on their swords. [47], But a young girl appears. And the Irish county Clare (Anglicization of the Irish-Gaelic "an Clár"), meaning "a plain or flat place." [91], Raki spots a young woman sitting hillside. Priscilla realizes that Isley taught Raki a fighting style to beat her, under the presumption she would fight at human level because she cared for Raki. Raki possesses above average stamina and pain tolerance for a boy of his age and stature as evident from battle with Ophelia.[26]. She clings to him. Sid and Galk actually did check when Clare and Raki were there, by forcing Clare to look them in the eye; the only thing protecting her identity was that the pills kicked in in time and changed her eye color. He escaped from slave prison. 1 of the male era. Eventually, she cuts him down just as Clare and the other Ghosts arrive. Arm to be used to resurrect three dead No. [39] When she recovers, she examines church members, while the Yoma, pretending to be a saint's corpse, threatens Raki downstairs. [43] Helen teases Clare for bringing Raki, as well as her low rank. Raki(ラキ) is a human whose family was eaten by a yoma and was saved by Clare. After speaking with Jean, Raki decides to accompany her as she sets out to find Clare. [15] Often treated seriously on reference websites. As he looked, he sees one of the twins that would've replaced Alicia and Beth standing where the wall was crushed. His early dress includes tank-top, harem pants and puttees. Raki in combat, During the battle at Organization Headquarters, Deneve reassures Miria that Clare is "resting" in Rabona. [3] Raki would not allow it, however, throwing himself in the way, saying that he wanted to stay with her forever. Don't ask me why. A stronger source of Teresa's scent is coming from the Destroyer. He was tricked by a Yoma disguised as a Claymore and was taken, hostage. Dans cet article sont énumérés les personnages du manga Claymore. Raki (Claymore) Summary. Teresa, after at first t… Raki held it shut with Helen's help while Denver sewed it closed. He is able to hold his own with the Twin Trainees. Then he reveals her name—Priscilla. Raki usually wears a cowl over the armor. The apocryphal etymology of "Raki" as deriving from the plural noun raki, Polish for "crayfishes," originated as a pun on the Animesuki Claymore forum.Often treated serious…

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