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Or even Omniscient Interfering View, Id wanna see how hectic their schedules are. He's one of, if not the funniest members on these types of shows, especially if you place him in the right variety setting. Its my weekly break. I want them interacting with other people on variety shows and showing other sides of themselves. I obviously don’t think they should or need to go. Comedian Jo Se Ho was heavily criticized for his treatment of Jungkook during a variety show called “Flower Crew” back in 2016. He enjoys taking people out to dinner too. So not only Heechul (bought him a really nice pair of shoes years ago, they discussed this on that variety show SJ do), but he also has bought stuff for Jimin, RM, Hoseok, Elcaptxn, Jin, Jungkook. especially for you all who are new to BTS Yep, I know this list still uncomplete and probably many shows were missed by me. 2020's been weird since they've had to do a lot of them remotely and many of their interviews were connected to promotions - e.g. I don't particularly care for the ones they film on tour when they're in a hotel room playing board games or Mafia type ones. Same thing applied other issues like their music as fans also divided wanting them to do "this" music, "that" music etc. If the variety shows they attended involved people with no intent on "showing bangtans different sides" then I'd agree. Clearly they enjoy the power and freedom that come with determining their own variety show schedules, formats, and content. Which is fine, but damn I miss all the interesting and fun interactions between other groups, celebrities, MC's, etc. 7. I think only three of them named a show. A video was recently uploaded on social media that appears to show one of BTS’ managers threatening one of the members. I like that this year has made them be a little more creative with the content they have? Recent interviews some of the members themselves said they dont want to go to any variety. Season 2, Produce 101 and Produce X 101 But they really haven't been disengaging with the interview press - and they wouldn't. Unpopular opinion: an opinion that is rare. Those run bts episodes with T1 gave me hope and relief that the members can just be "a bunch of boys playing games". they were in a particular city and interviewed there for tour. In a recent interview Hobi even mentioned how he’d like to go on “I Live Alone” and I think that’d be super fun to watch. However, I would like to see them interact with more people aka make friends (its concerning that jin keeps saying he doesn't have any). Still surprised at seeing people rank Suga last in variety. BTS don't really need that. All the links/videos that I put on these blogs have english subtitles so don't worry! Like for example, I would love for them to go on Running Man as the main guests. There are so many sides of armys when they talked about bts on variety show. Pics of : Bts Jungkook Flower Crew Eng Sub Ep 3. If you saw the latest dalbang eps, a few things are clear. That is a list of movies and dramas that the male main lead or is jerk, just cold or that just ignore our (or that is like the danger boy that changes for her) female main lead. I think going on variety shows is pretty important if they r gonna disband in the future so that each member can branch out and find out what they like. We're making life a little easier and giving you the rundown of key BTS reality and variety shows you need to watch. lol, The boys themselves don’t want to go. 11. If you've already done so, great job! Reply. For all your unpopular opinions about the kpop idols, their music, and the Korean music industry. Yeah their guestlist is growing in scale and influence — and they control the schedule AND narrative. BTS even got to have a secret meeting with Beyonce and Jay Z.They will be in the US for a while as they will perform ‘Black Swan’ at The Late Late Show with James Corden.Now, let’s talk about why army’s weren’t that happy.Fans were excited when they found out that BTS will be performing at the GRAMMYs .But that excitement turned into disappointment when they saw the behind the stage footage.The video showed BTS looking like backup dancers, standing behind other singers.A fan tweeted:“BTS are not backup dancers. Agreed! Maybe I am wrong but I think the show will start incorporating special guests more and more (with T1 and Chef Baek Jong Won) to keep things fresh. variety is fun for the audience but do you realise how painful it is for the celebs filming? Another random fact: Yoongi buys things for the people closest to him. More about that later in this video) but they performed incredibly well. D&D Beyond Run BTS (Ep 90- ) I-Land Ep. They've also spent a bit of time Stateside filming for a variety of American television shows. Am I gonna support regardless? It’s really keeping me updated. I just feel like it's not really a thing anymore? The majority of fans I come across are always against BTS going on other shows because of how badly they were treated before when they did go on. BTS is the first Korean artist to be given the “A-list celebrity” treatment at the Grammy show. I binged their weekly variety show and random live-streams. I'm not sure the members themselves want to though. So not all of that are dramas with victim-bully relationship. 232 _____ Hello everyone. The American Music Awards 2017 But not all variety shows have the same host. I think we're way past the whole they-dont-go-cuz-mistreatment thing ( i don't count baby armys). Ep with baek jung won happened bc they agreed wanting to promote hanwoo. The majority of fans I come across are always against BTS going on other shows because of how badly they were treated before when they did go on. i wish they’d join more variety shows. They've always participated in interviews with other people. Can't really complain about that. So keep up the good work and thanks for posting those links above! Or backup singers. I would probably enjoy them on variety shows if they wanted to go, but if they have no desire to or won't have fun while they're there then i would rather they didn't go and instead do their own shows where they are comfortable and do have fun. What’s not to like? And for what it’s worth, I don’t come across a lot of fans who are against it based on past treatment. However, they did appear on Running Man before & the cast treated them well. Nrhnn says: BTS правят своя дебют на 13 юни 2013 г. със сингъл албума „2 Cool 4 Skool“, който се класира на пета позиция в националната класация Гаон. Press J to jump to the feed. i mean, if they want to go, i'm fine with it. The premise is about two teams who complete various tasks as they travel, the “flower road” team and the “dirt road” team. It may be rare because most people disagree with the stance OR because the opinion is not discussed often. The majority of fans I come across are always against BTS going on other shows because of how badly they were treated before when they did go on. “We alway… Plus the fact that a majority out of the seven specifically mentioned in membership content that they dont wish to guest on variety shows at this point... idk. I haven't been an active kpop fan since the early 2010s. vkook^^ says: December 5, 2014 at 6:56 pm. Lol looks like this truth is hard to digust for armys , More posts from the unpopularkpopopinions community, Continue browsing in r/unpopularkpopopinions. I feel like the golden age of idols appearing in variety shows is long gone now. 꽃놀이패 Flower Crew Jungkook Cam Day 2 You ... Jungkook Treated Badly On Flower Crew Variety Show K Pop Amino READ Artificial Flower Preservation Spray. I also agree that their main focus is always music so appearing on variety shows that: A.run bts can probably do and B.won't do a dent in their popularity is a little pointless.

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