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duco lanzones price

Lanzones or langsat (Lansium Domesticum) is an edible tropical fruit native to the Southeastern parts of Asia. Baking Cake Flour (Per 1 kilo) Regular price ₱120.00 Quantity. and Honey with Lanzones. BADION PLANT NURESERY sell a wide range of fruit trees and forest trees, all in excellent varieties, fully grown and ready to plant Available: grafted lanzones Chat to Buy List Sweet guyabano Macapuno coconut ... Lanzones Duco Lanzones Longkong Dragon Fruit Durian kalamyas Sweet tamarind Purple guava guapple senorita. Description The fruits of lanzones may be round, oval or elliptical in shape, always appearing in clusters, […] However, prices of some commonly bought fruits have increased like banana lakatan at P50/kg from P35/kg; latundan at P55/kg from P25/kg; and mango at P100/kg from P80/kg. The prices of each Fruit Trees depend on the stock availability and condition whether they are:-Flowering -Fruiting-Marcotted-Grafted-Double Grafted-Seedling ... - Duco lanzones - Duhat giant/seedless/ local - Dragon Fruit (red/white) - Dwarf coconut golden/hybrid - Grapes(Red, Green, Black,Seedless) In comparison, local Paete lanzones fetch only a wholesale price of P40 per kilo and retail prices from P60 to P80 per kilo. The army of black ants enveloping some of its fruits is evidence that this Lanzones is indeed sweet. Regular price ₱280.00 Quantity. Its fruits are sweet and juicy. grafted lanzones seedlings longkong and duco variety in Don Carlos, Northern Mindanao for sale Reply to Seller Price: PHP 70 You can get the best Fruits price in Philippines from top brands … Note: wholesale price only applies for large volume For double root stock is by request We also sell Narra, mahogany and other trees. This sweet Duco Lanzones just grew at the back of my parents' backyard. Read more: View this supplier’s website Sale ₱119.00 Regular price ₱140.00 Shipping calculated at checkout. You might also like. Buy grafted lanzones seedlings longkong and duco variety in Cagayan de Oro,Philippines. Lansium parasiticum, commonly known as langsat (/ ˈ l ɑː ŋ s ɑː t /), lanzones (/ l ɑː ˈ n z ɔː n ɛ s /), or longkong in English; duku in Indonesian or dokong in Malay, is a species of tree in the Mahogany family with commercially cultivated edible fruits. If you don't know which Fruits to pick, you can always choose between their top products such as Watermelon Sugar Baby By 5 Grams, MANGO RIPE LARGE 1kg. Meanwhile, prices of selected fruits remained stable, with durian at P80 per kilogram (kg); pomelo at P80/kg; lanzones at P80/kg; avocado at P80/kg. Sweet Duco Lanzones (2x500g) Regular price ₱275.00 Qty: Add to Cart. Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest. The species is native to Southeast Asia. Its high content of antioxidants, vitamins, and protein, alongside other minerals, gives it a host of health benefits and medicinal uses. Add to Cart. Sold Out Great source of … Dulux Paint Product Price Quantity; 5in1 Super Gloss: 4309: 20 litre : Duco 1K PU Clear: 192: 1 litre : Duco PU Exterior: 2029: 4 litre : Duco PU Interior: 1765: 4 litre Pomologist Bernie Dizon, … Quantity. Tata picking some of the edible fruits of Lanzones You are welcome to … Sweet Davao Lanzones 'Duco" variety / 500 grams. Add to Cart Green Salad Set (1 1/2 Kilo) Share.

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