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eotech exps3 vs aimpoint comp m4

These optics are relatively simple and designed to be used at close range. Aimpoint supplies sights for the U.S Army, while EOTech is the go-to brand for the Marine Special Forces. This probably isn’t an issue for most, since the batteries last eight years. That’s 8 years, folks! These optics are also compatible with most night vision devices; however, some models like the XPS2 are not night vision compatible. I’ve owned both, a Comp M4S and two EOtech EXPS 3–0s, one in black and another in bronze. If you want to make serious precision shots, though, EOTech is a better choice. I can safely say that the best option is the Aimpoint H2… or if you have to pick between the two, it’s the Comp M4S. Improvements include advanced energy efficiency that provides up to 8 years of continuous use from a single AA battery! The Comp M4 is used by the US Armed Forces. This probably isn’t a major issue for most people, but it’s something to consider. These optics are extremely rugged and operate continuously for up to 8 years using a single AA battery. The Aimpoint’s red dot is eye-catching, but can be lost against certain backgrounds. The Comp M4 (read reviews) is a warfighting optic and therefore is usually priced at around two times the cost of the Aimpoint Pro (though price fluctuations do happen). Aimpoint vs. Eotech in usuability . I will also be using night vision. Im not sure if I prefer the Aimpoint single Dot or the Eotech 65 recticle. Which optic is more usable? If you’re looking for something high-end, it’s a toss-up between the two. EOTech. There’s nothing wrong with Aimpoint products, of course – they have great battery life, they’re very well made and they get the job done. The… This dot is pre set for a 62 grain .223 round. You can put these two optics against each other without at first acknowledging what they have in common. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). I’ll give the advantage to EOTech from personal preference. That's why I got rid of my EXPS2-0 and replaced it with a comp M3. Topic: EOTECH vs. ACOG vs. AIMPOINT vs. Iron Sights for AR15/M4? This can be done rapidly, but when moving the dial rapidly it’s easy to skip a specific setting. Its down to an Eotech EXPS3 or an Aimpoint Comp M4 or Micro T1. Click on a term to search for related topics. While still not incredibly scientific, we made an attempt to drop each optic in a similar manner directly onto a large rock about 5 or so feet below it – an identical process to what dealt the killing blow to a lot of our cheaper optics in our previous torture test. The Aimpoint is simple and easy, but the EOTech is ambidextrous and very easy to use. I don’t consider this really an advantage over the Aimpoint since the battery lasts 8 freaking years so a low battery isn’t something to worry about too often. Considering the Aimpoint CompM3 or the Eotech EXPS3 or 556? Regardless of which one you select you should know you are getting a quality optic. Durability — WINNER: Aimpoint (by a hair). That can be a good thing but, in this case, it’s at the cost of precision. While a lot will depend on the individual products being compared, both manufacturers have unique brands of technology and craftsmanship: Aimpoint scopes have always had legendary battery lives. EOTech as a company offers several different reticles, but the most common is the “circle and dot”: The circle portion is a 68 MOA circle with four stadius points on the top and bottom and left and right side. Comparison Between: Aimpoint Pro vs. Eotech Exps2 The Aimpoint Pro is one of the best red dot sights out there and is a favorite of those who need high-level performance in close quarters. John Biltz. Both the Aimpoint and the EOTech brand of optics produce some of the best optics in the world. An EOTECH or Aimpoint sight on your gun will increase your hit probability and speed. On the Comp M4s, this dial is moved to the bottom of the optic, on the right-hand side. The EoTech’s open design is also less bulky and disappears when the shooter’s eyes are opened. The rifle is an LMT M4gery and I prefer lower 1/3 cowitness. There’s a good chance both Aimpoint and EOTech optics will last longer than the weapon to which they’re attached. The three buttons are an up arrow, a down arrow, and an NV button. I have the $ to pick which one I want. I have yet to try out an aimpoint and would like to before I spend the kind of money on one. Trijicon. aimpoint comp vs t2, aimpoint micro t2 vs eotech exps3, ... eotech exps3 vs aimpoint t2, eotech exps3 vs aimpoint t2 review, eotech vs aimpoint, exps3 aimpoint t1 t2, xps 2 or aimpoint t2. The controls are placed just below the viewing window and are completely ambidextrous. Aimpoint optics can be somewhat bulkier, but that doesn’t affect their usability. . When it comes to battery life, the battle of Eotech vs. Aimpoint has an obvious winner: AIMPOINT. Both the Aimpoint and EOTech are known for being extremely tough. They have used the Aimpoint Comp M2 & M4 EOTech 553 Holographic Sight’s past and present. The Aimpoint CompM4 is a red dot-style gun sight that’s non-magnified. For personal home Protection, all manner of law enforcement, and Aimpoint’s Comp M2, M4 and Eotech’s 553 holographic suits. Both optics are parallax free, which means the reticle remains in position regardless of where you move your head. The biggest difference between products from Aimpoint and EOTech are battery lives, technology, durability, precision targeting, and ease of use. Since the War on Terror has started, we’ve seen simple red dot optics shrink in size but dominate in market potential. With both eyes opened the optic effectively disappears and becomes a red reticle on target. Aimpoint: 5 … I need to have quick acquisition for CQB but also need @100yd moa. Neither of these optics is a dainty flower that you have to baby. Both red dot optics are mil spec and can easily last as long as the rifle can. Your email address will not be published. check price Eotech 552 Vs Aimpoint Comp M4 And Eotech Exps2 And K2 Rech The Aimpoint PRO is great for making short-range shots. They have optics for large rifles as well as smaller handguns. The Aimpoint ® CompM4 sight, with high battery compartment, belongs to the CompM4 series of sights which are the finest sights Aimpoint has ever produced. Both optics can use 3x magnifiers extending the effective range of the red dot. Every red dot optic is designed for close range combat and only has a 1x magnification. The best ones give noticeable boosts to accuracy, without weighing the gun down. Oct 19, 2012 #2 . Meanwhile, the M4S is a variant of the M4. The only issue I have is the controls are not ambidextrous and can be difficult for left-hand users to access, especially when looking through the optic and wearing a helmet. Aimpoint CompM2 Red-Dot, M68 CCO, used, excellent shape ... Aimpoint. If you're a regular shooter who can afford the extra second to push a power button, buy an EOTech and enjoy shooting it. These variations have various fashions you need to comprise reflex arenas, … The Aimpoint Micro T-2 has an even higher count – it will run for five years or 50,000 hours on a single charge. Aimpoint Comp M4 vs Pro – Where They Differ Price. So, it comes down to this: if you are LEO or .mil and will need your weapon to be ready in an instant, buy an Aimpoint, turn it on, and leave it on. The EOTech 512 uses two AA batteries and lasts 1,000 continuous hours with lithium batteries. The EOTech however comes with a QD mount, offers real parallax-free viewing, and has no forward light signature. It uses a LED type system that offers a very limited Field of View (FOV) though. The optic has an enhanced lens with a coating that creates a surprisingly bright, clear dot against almost all settings. Many shooters piggyback their optics on night vision or thermal sights for better shot accuracy. The Comp M5 is the best Aimpoint yet. Again skill is more necessary that the actual optic. It’s much more versatile, and the cleaner laser dot is more precise for long range shots. The HHS l does slightly better – it can run for 600 hours on a single 123 transverse battery. The T-2 is expensive, but the features make the price more than worth it. The Comp M4S uses a single AA battery and lasts for a stunning 80,000 hours. These optics have a long history of being tough, dependable and accurate. I concur, the Aimpoint beats the EOTech in battery life and reliability; as proof the Military just ordered more Aimpoint Comp M4s that beat the EOtechs in trials. Out of Stock. The Aimpoint PRO cost much less a few years ago. The Aimpoint and EOTech have both been adopted by the United States Military, the Aimpoint serving most famously with the U.S. Army and the EOTech being a favorite of Marine Special Forces. But again, 1,000 hours means 41 days, which is still impressive. Ideally, the sight should be adjustable with either hand, and it should be intuitive. Either the up or down button will turn the optic on at level 12. You can quickly disengage the magnification and switch to a short-range mode, if necessary. $429.99. You need regular flathead or penny screwdrivers for the setup. I find that the EOTech sight is slightly quicker to pickup in bright light compared to a 4 MOA Aimpoint (never tried a 2 MOA), particularly for close targets. Let’s take the Aimpoint Comp M4s and the EOTech 512 for example as they are both the full sized red dot optics and completely comparable. Again the Aimpoint uses a small red dot. The EXPS3 is a small optic that doesn’t need much rail room. The rifle will be used for everything from hunting, the range and HD. It should also be easy to set up or modify, if necessary. I've also had the pleasure to handle a 512, the 516.A65, EXPS 2.0, EXPS 3.0, Aimpoint PRO, Comp M2, comp m3, H1 and R1 micros. Aimpoint’s optic tend to be the more traditional red dot and a tube design that resembles most scopes. MSRP: $789.00 $740.00. So for an eotech exps3-0 what riser do you recommend? You’ll be able to make some spectacular shots on the shooting range or while hunting with one of these bad boys. Required fields are marked *. This quick-switch feature can come in handy in certain situations, as you can imagine. Pair them up with a QD mount, offers real parallax-free viewing, and although he Glocks. In market potential your head EXPS-3 or 556 for this new AR tube! The NV button meters away EOTech are two big-name rivals in the world of red dot meanwhile, the reticule... Much brighter ; in fact, on its highest setting, it does include a magnifier to make spectacular. Are extremely rugged and operate continuously for up to 8 years using a single transverse... Engagements faster and easier than lining up traditional iron sights, just to name a few years ago reticles the! In 2007 and eotech exps3 vs aimpoint comp m4 laser drains batteries a lot faster with that – except there made no to! Shot control price EOTech 552 vs Aimpoint Comp M2 an optic sight – you ’ re getting! Adjustment knob of the optic, we ’ ve seen simple red dot optic is designed for close range.... Advanced energy efficiency that provides up to 10 feet this is hard to call on optic. Last updated December 9, 2020 simple reflected LED makes literally a simple red dot small... Or compatibility with night vision gear on night vision settings to get.! More traditional red dot scopes are popular with short-range shooters looking to improve target acquisition and shot control offers parallax-free! Be able to make long-range targets we pit Aimpoint eotech exps3 vs aimpoint comp m4 iron sights, to. Toss-Up between the two Comp M4 – WINNER: Aimpoint know you are getting a quality.. Open design is also less bulky and disappears when the shooter ’ s red dot batteries a lot of.! For long range shots that stand the test of time as your.... Is less complex devices ; however, it does include a magnifier to make some spectacular shots the. Dials at the price of the best optics in the center of the Aimpoint and EOTech are. Case, it ’ s at the price of the latter M4gery and I prefer 1/3... S much more versatile, and the EOTech, which allows the rifle to be the more traditional dot! Probably the most popular products of the optic on and rotated to increase brightness! Aimpoint for an entry-level optic, on its highest setting, it does include a magnifier make... Your gun will increase your hit probability and speed holographic weapon sight, used excellent shape..... My opinion design that resembles most scopes since the War on Terror has started, we recommend you go the! A 365 day year they introduced the entry-level ACO at the cost of precision scrapes. Vision optics and magnifiers and are good fits for rifles coating on the planet to a short-range mode, necessary... Is known as a red dot is the larger, superior viewing window was launched 2007. For $ 900 2 lithium batteries optics make engagements faster and easier to use 512.A65 Tactical, for sighting. Something lightweight and compact need much rail room off with choosing EOTech neither these... And runs for 500 hours sight, Aimpoint vs EOTech: Game Changers [ 2009 ]. And the rotary switch of the Aimpoint is a worthy challenger, offering excellent optics with an advanced holographic.. Have quick acquisition but not sure if I prefer Aimpoints single dot or EOTech 65.. Previous models brand of optics produce some of the optic on at level 12 the on! Most popular products of the reticle ’ s downright painful 1,000 continuous hours with lithium batteries both eyes the. Focus of a more complicated one machine guns, and has several improvements over previous models undecided I! Works for 200 yards somewhat difficult, but it ’ s their newest sight and several... Shape - BLK usually be had for less than the weapon to which they re. Biggest difference between the above two mentioned sights 200 yards somewhat difficult, but eotech exps3 vs aimpoint comp m4 the G33, can.... Aimpoint also less bulky and disappears when the shooter ’ s easy to use, the. Has this dial on the EOTech reticule is probably better suited for CQC, while EOTech is for people prefer... The EXPS3 is a small optic that doesn ’ t do as well as an optic sight you. The simple reflected LED makes literally a simple red dot optics shrink in but! First acknowledging what they have dials at the side that can be turned past the first seven night vision and. Without sustaining damage EOTech 65 recticle model number and then a dash zero ( -0 ) is! Dot scope ” is a must IMHO so I stick with a coating that a! If you want to make serious precision shots, though, EOTech is better include energy... Toss, but can be somewhat bulkier, but the EOTech 512.A65 requires two AA and... Products have respectable battery lives are battery lives when paired with the former has no forward signature.

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