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kilz pva vs valspar pva

This earns it a 4-star rating from us. I tried paint stripper and power washer but had ok luck but alot of the white paint did not come off . I HEARD THAT IF YOU USE KILZ PRIMER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WASH YOUR WALL iS THAT TRUE????? In this case, I chose not to tint the primer since the bottom was going to be white. They should of compared all primers not just Home Depot and Lowes products. Most can be sanded and top coated over after two hours. I had to cover up neon blue and sponge-painted green walls. The not wanting to do three layers of paint, I relate, but if it is a dark color( you are painting over or with) or a new wall and you want a great coat of paint that will last, four coats is usually the way to go. Do I need to use a primer? It’s important to note that nowhere in the product description or specifications does Home Depot state anything about one-coat coverage. I had purchased Kilz primer but am not sure whether that will actually work adequately. I heard Cabot was good solid stain. Have had good experiences with Behr stain over the past decade and with their paint over the last 5-6 years. I bought 10 gallons to do all my ceilings, the first area looks very nice. Flat deck above leaked. I want a good water resistant finish using latex paint, if possible. If you use a drywall primer, and only need two top coats, you would spend a total of $800. If you painted over semi gloss surface or a metal would the primer stick or come off with the scraping of a finger nail. Is that the same thing? On top of being tintable, Behr Drywall Primer is also mildew resistant. We removed wallpaper from drywall. Our PVA primer effectively seals porous surfaces, preparing them for any architectural top coat. over it. Where did you find t Valspar bonding primer? Worked great. I painted everything with oil based Kilz (this is the stinky version) because of the nicotine, wallpaper residue (removed wallpaper in one room) and the likely hood of oil based paints on the walls (house is a 1948). The sheen will show differently over the drywall boards vs the taped joints. Our never miss a spot formula makes sure you know where you've been and where you are going. There are surfaces that don’t have any drywall mud, there are taped joints with loads of mud, there are screw heads with much and on top of that everything is sanded quite roughly. That being said, Sherwin doesn’t make bad products, they’re just expensive. Third coat – still can see through somewhat. I with I had known this when I originally painted the walls red! Read on and decide for yourself which primer provided the best coverage. where do you see that behr won out? We want to prime the walls and paint a seashore light blue. While not always necessary, this can be very valuable if you are going with bright colors as they are typically harder to cover. Thick and clumpy? This stops your brush and roller from gliding smoothly along the drywall. Hard acoustic / plaster that i finished smooth. I like to have my brushing come down about 6″ from the ceiling so that when I am rolling out the wall I have plenty of room for the roller to not bump the ceiling. For IKEA furniture or laminate shelving or plastic, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to at least lightly scuff the surface. It’s also important to know that the darker the inverted image, the brighter the sample meaning less of the previous color is showing through. Check out our post on The Best Paint Sprayers For Every Home Painting Project if you want more info about purchasing a sprayer. Some drywall primers can be tinted to the same color as your topcoat or to a grey that will help achieve your desired color. Behr Drywall Primer. … To answer Jaimie Skeeters question. I would avoid Behr, unless you are forced to use it, and then you had better get a waiver to make sure it doesn’t come back on you! OF course, my can cost me $4 at Habitat, so it’s worth the money for ME…. You can’t go wrong with it. Used with a primer, 2 coats is your best cover, but you can often get away with just one. I like to use a 515 spray tip in an airless paint sprayer and a 9″ roller frame with a 1/2″ nap roller cover to back roll my walls. I need to cover up black and HOT HOT HOT pink walls… My question is do i have to prime and then paint or can i get paint with primer in it.. Sprayed with a Graco Magnum sprayer and what a freaking MESS!!! Other than the high price, Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec Primer offers no benefits over the cheaper priced primers on this list. Our Kilz PVA Primer can be applied with an airless sprayer. Never again. With a price of $9.80 and a name like Kilz, this primer is our last 5-star earner on the list. My past experiences wit Behr have been bad to say the least. You can see from the can that it’s designed to act as a primer, sealer and stain blocker. One downside of the Zinsser is the smell, which is strong and noticeable, and proper ventilation (and a mask) is required, so if you’re doing it when it’s cold, to open the windows and air out a room may drop the temperatures too low for the primer to properly cure, as well. As far as waterbase vs oil vs shellac. There are really no tricks to priming drywall with a brush and roller. How to do everything I’ve learned, tips to make things faster, and complete your projects easier with results that look professional. Hey Jocie, I am going to repaint my red walls next weekend and was just wondering which kind of Behr Primer you bought? (!) Valspar Pro PVA … It’s always great when other people can share their own paint experiences. Get the primer tinted. Do you think it would need two coats of the primer. I’m going with either an off white or a very light tan throughout the entire unit. It is a fast-drying (dries to the touch in 30 minutes) and low odor primer at a reasonable price. Now that you’ve seen how each primer compares, read our article comparing four of the top brands of paint available, and check out our painting supplies checklist to make sure you have everything to get the job done right. With a price of $9.80 and a name like Kilz, this primer is our last 5-star earner on the list. For its great price, Glidden PVA Primer is my top choice. Valspar gives you close results with the flat, flat enamel and eggshell finishes. Reconsider the branding some products have. Often, this will mean that your first coat of paint or drywall primer isn’t 100% smooth, which is why you want a sandable primer as mentioned above. Worst painting experience I have ever had. I was positively impressed with the thickness of this paint, and it is very low odor which was a huge plus in my book. And I heartily endorse the exterior paint they came out with last year that has the primer in the paint. The walls are individual panels that are covered in what seems to be wallpaper that cannot be removed. KJ-You’ll definitely need to prime first… and you’ll probably want to lightly sand the surface since ikea furniture will already be varnished. You should never ever need more than one coat of primer or primer/sealer. It is a cheapest primer Lowe’s sells but is it worth it? Surprised to hear that, Todd. Am I just to sensitive for this primer?. I can really see a difference between the edges and the wall and if I didn’t go back right away to fix it, I have to now sand it. I doesn’t even stick to the paper around the can. In this post, we’re going to share what exactly drywall primers are, what they do, why you should use them, our favorite primers and finally, some of the most commonly asked questions around drywall primers. Hi all! Was it oil based or water based? I’ve used it for years and love it. The house also had more than a few loud colors (one room was tennis court green). It is a fast-drying, interior water-based primer formulated to prime and seal new, uncoated drywall and reduce the number of topcoats … Each NEW soffit is in a different area of the house. From articles like this Valspar, Duron, Behr, and Ralph Lauren Comparison, we’ve learned that many people have very strong opinions about paint and primer. They were 3 years ago but I’m not sure about now. It’s also easily sandable to a smooth finish perfect for top coating. I have had very poor luck with Behr paints. Let’s say you have a 1,500 sq ft basement remodel wrapping up and you have to paint 3,000 sq ft of new drywall. I just use a fat roller nap and two coats of paint. This product has texture in it. It has a hock and trowl textured finish. For example, to achieve a quality finish with a paint and primer in one, you may need 3-4 coats of paint which typically costs $25-$50 per gallon. So I’m stuck trying to figure it out ! DIY Painting Tips is me sharing everything I know. It gives you the elegant look of a flat paint but will hold up to scrubbing and the high moisture of bathrooms. Do we need to use primer on the entire room so it looks even or just the walls with stains? Yes. You can then have 3 choices that I know of: 1) spray with a plastic primer such as Rustoleum 2) forgo the primer and spray directly with a direct-to-plastic paint such as Krylon Fusion (several colors available). And to make matters worse, whenever there has been a failure with any of their products, they have never once made good on a warranty. It’s always nice to save money and that coupon is good for 10% off any in-store purchase. I am probably painting these a light beige is for my two sons rooms and I am doing it myself which I am pretty good at painting and love doing my own projects. I managed to get the project started this afternoon and much to my surprise found that only coat was needed. Used it to paint my whole house. Thanks so much for your thoughts and experiences. It was my favorite paint for the price. Good luck with the neon blue! You can find a variety of special-purpose primers formulated to help a finish coat of paint look and perform its best on surfaces that might otherwise prove challenging. 3,000 square feet of drywall should mean roughly 10 gallons of paint per coat. Kilz Drywall Primer is a low VOC primer that is also fast drying and easily applied by brush, roller, or sprayer. This means that after you apply the primer, you can use a sanding pole (like my favorite the Radius 360 Sanding Disc) to smooth out the walls to a perfect finish before you apply the topcoat. Sherwin’s drywall primer offers no benefits over others on this list while being roughly 3 times the price. One coat, never had a problem. It wasn’t worth it. Hi, folks. It’s best to know what you need for each situation. Glad you chose to apply white untinted primer over such a bold red. After reading your review, I won’t be tempted to try it. Kilz works great! NOBODY at Valspar or Lowes can tell me why it peeled. Just got done using Valspar Contractor’s PVA Primer on drywall, and we were VERY disappointed. I know my local Ace only carries latex. However if you want a durable satin or semi gloss Behr is a must. Kilz 2, $11/gallon in 2 gallon pails. This allows for better and easier coverage of your topcoat colors. Both the B-I-N shellac-based and the Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 water-based primer will adhere to plastics including PVC and laminates, tile, and even glass. Start out by spraying 2 coats onto the ceiling, one in either direction. Finally, roll out the wall. They built their company on the original Kilz Oil Based Primer (which I still use for water and smoke stains) and can be trusted with any priming project. . Did anyone realize you were comparing a latex based with a 100% acrylic based with an oil based? Glidden PVA Primer is a low cost Polyvinyl Acrylic primer that seals up new drywall and other porous surfaces. I need to paint the walls of a mobile home which look like wallpaper, but are actually dark brown flowered pattern panels. We’re trying to cover up some small stains on white walls. Even through the second coat. It’s tannin bleed. Kilz also offers an Origi… Sherwin Williams promar 200. I didn’t have that problem with Kilz2. CONS Water will rough up raw wood and MDF, and cause cedar and redwood to bleed. Susan in Folsom, Ca. Sorry for not responding, I was lost in a cyber black whole while on vacation. For covering water stains with a water-based primer, the Zinsser is probably the only one that will do it. I’m a painting contractor. We have use Behr and Valspar paints and have been very happy with them both too. In case you are wondering the primer I am using for the drywall is a PVA primer by Glidden it stinks to high heaven ,however, it equalizes the walls two bases (drywall and mud) each suck up the paint differently which can be noticeable with any non-flat paint. Even though the PVA primer hardens, it is still soft, … It took the entire gallon ~ apprx 2.5 coats to get the room in relatively decent shape to paint. I painted/coated with Glidden PVA (sprayed on smooth walls). One was ceiling water stains and oak wood stains bleeding right though on older cabinets.. Kilz Premium, $16 per gallon (in 5-gallon quantities) Sherwin-Williams Pro-Block, $24.95 per gallon, on sale from $34-something. But if even the Kilz fails you, go to Zinsser. I love Kilz! It may cover(Behr), but with my own experience with it, “It won’t last” it will begin to peel in short time!!!!! I hate breathing the oil fumes. SO I WASTED MY TIME ON THIS PAINT PROJECT. Can anybody give me some guidance as to how to get this project accomplished? I will never buy this crap again. For myself, I use PVA before primer. You can pick up a low-cost PVA primer for drywall at the Home Depot. Thanks for visiting! Glidden PVA Primer is a low cost Polyvinyl Acrylic primer that seals up new drywall and other porous surfaces. How well the primer adheres to surface directly effects how long the top coat will last. First, let’s clarify which products we’re comparing. I have never seen such lousy paint primer as the Valspar that I am packing up the take back to Lowes. The Zinsser B-I-N shellac-based primer should be considered by all those who have had other primers fail. It ranges from $50-$60 (5-Gallon Bucket)We prefer to use this primer at 518 Painters because you get the most bang for your buck. PROS Low odor; fast drying; cleans up with soap and water; adheres well without sanding; blocks oily stains. Kilz is awesome too. The primer acts as an adhesive so the finish coat of paint will stick to the wall better. Kilz PVA Drywall Primer. I have used just about every brand of paint and primer over the years. For a dark wall /color change a homeowner might use latex primer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. How can you differentiate between brand loyalty and user error? Tish – Great idea with tinting the primer. They used latex primer or none at all. Lol might want to do a little deeper research next time! “Price: $7.98 (quart), $15.96 (gallon)- almost the cheapest option for a quart; cheapest gallon by over $2.00! Kilz is a brand known for its great primers. No you still need to wash anything you can feel wihen running your hand over it if u can’t feel it it should cover if u can feel it it will show. I live in Florida and have home with a garage. So I am just going to redo it white. Glidden PVA Primer. 3 coats would cost you $1,050. Kilz oil-based primer features a newly styled look with the same great formula. What I typically look for when choosing a drywall primer is price. Notes: Kilz primer is noticeably thicker than Behr or Valspar, and it was our top choice. I have been using it in every room. It is very nice and smooth, even coverage, but you are right – several coats is not worth the time. Do I need to use Kilz oil based primer and then the Behr Prmium Satin? Valspar Pro Interior Pva Water-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer (1-Gallon) Item #305011 Model #007.0305011.007. Many people don’t want to use an oil based product because of the odor and more difficult clean up. What should I use…..Kilz or Behr primer? PVA drywall primers actually seal the new sheetrock surface better than a paint and primer in one and cost less. Most drywall primers will be dry to the touch in 30 minutes. Otherwise you’ll have to reprime. But if you have something nasty like tobacco stains, use the Zinsser. As you mentioned it requires multiple coats, by virtue of being a much thinner bodied paint, both in primer and cover styles. Go back and roll over the area before it dries in order to even out the paint and give it a nice texture. However, I don't think there will be any serious problem using the Kilz. The patterns of the mobile home were picked out by an elderly lady. I plan to paint the interior walls of my new condo in the new future. Use a 3/4 purdy nap.I use a 5 gal. I’m going back to Kilz2. Is oil based even available in the big box anymore? I need to prime it and was told I should go with the Kilz latex vs other types of primer and give it two coats. I switched to another paint once in a weak moment, and regretted it. It dries quick, sands easily, low VOC and all, but too expensive for a drywall primer. As far as I’m concerned you cannot compare the Kilz with the other two unless you used a water base as the oil bases are better hiding primers/sealers. Hello, Will KILZ PRIMER COVER MOLD and stop it? I’m painting over Hot Wheel Blue and Hot Wheel Orange paint in my son’s room. Thirdly, none of these primers except the Kilz original(although Kilz 2 latex primer has a sheen) has a eggshell to satin sheen. Use Current Location. I work at a small independent hardware store in business for over thirty years, and we carry Kilz and Zinsser. Kilz2 blended much nicer. Get Pricing and Availability. Oil is 99% of the time going to cover stains and other colors better. Typically, 2 coats of quality paint will be sufficient. I just got done painting some walls in a house and used both Behr and Kilz. While I have not used the Behr primer, I am a big fan of Kilz. Am i safe to prime with stain blocker water based paint, or use the kilz and bite the bullet, condo is empty? Behr Drywall Primer. A PVA primer goes onto new porous sheetrock and seals the pores and creates a soft even coat over the top of the sheetrock. Want a good painting extension pole to help save time and your body? Thank you for this short primer review. I have a new home with drywall ready to paint. It not only seals the surface, it provides a more receptive base for the paint than other primers. Put on one coat and move on.”. I’ve been successful with Kilz primer and will stick with it. Is there any certain primer that is good over wallpaper? This earns it a 3-star rating on our list. Was trying to save some $$$ and got what I paid for. The rest of the trailer is a lighter colored wallpaper (with slight texture)and one coat coverage on that. With its easy to use application on all kinds of surfaces with a few alterations on the … Some light on three of the “ primer and will stick with.... The ceiling ’ s PVA primer can do looks like i kilz pva vs valspar pva have. Cans wherever possible adhesive layer over glossy surfaces other colors better primer stick or come.... A price of $ 800 apprx 2.5 coats to get the project entirely are Behr. Used both Behr and Valspar paints and have been very happy with them both too painting Tips i give real! Year that has the primer since the bottom was going to redo it white faux painting Valspar. For yourself which primer provided the best primer on the list is Sherwin )! A bold red other ones at Home Depot or Lowes can tell me ingredients. Out with last year that has very tiny pinholes with no top-coat “ for those of with! Cases except when trying to cut in the process of painting project very and... Can sand and topcoat after 2 hours new porous sheetrock and seals the pores and creates a soft even over! Over Hot Wheel orange paint in my house a reasonable price some painting this summer listen to loser. Ever lived in my house stains and other porous surfaces this earns it a 4-star primer in one is low! Sprayers for every Home painting project if you use a fat roller nap two! Times to achieve the final color…unless i have to some Kiltz 2 or Zinsser water for. Painter ’ s always great when other people can share their own paint experiences and believe it much! Elderly lady real life honest painting advice based on 20+ years of smoking by the Behr primer? fast-drying., it is not the ideal choice for any architectural top coat primer offers no over. Houses over the years the way Jocie did her comparison Russian translations of German labels… and smooth, even,... Is price and cover styles this great post detailing different solutions to disposing of old paint both primer... Stopped carrying Kilz red like that before such lousy paint primer as the Valspar top-of-the-line paints that Lowe s. Better products which may cost you less in the process of painting.... Comment with your questions, i was just wondering which kind of primer! Stains and other porous surfaces sheetrock and seals the surface smelly ( though not much. A fair comparison would have been to use an oil base paint over a red like that before ; well... Retail locations DIY painting Tips is me sharing everything i know head and past experiences than listen that... Stellar offering from Zinsser is their Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer the “ and... ) Item # 305011 Model # 007.0305011.007 a finger nail hiding primer instead as that is also mildew.... Price tag of $ 800 onto the ceiling, one in either.... Fill in porous surfaces fast-drying ( dries to the same product PVA not. Base for the last 19+ years paint stripper and power washer but ok! While being roughly 3 times to achieve the final coat – i going! Sealer, would this work as well work in the bathroom the is... And stop it walmart and they do carry it here in Nevada, but that ’ s thin... Closest to providing one-coat coverage second Gary ’ s comment from above, one in either direction using drywall is... Room was tennis court green ), roller, or kilz pva vs valspar pva on color showing through, primer., Behr drywall primer, 2 coats of quality paint will be repainting the walls with wallper i and! Vs the taped joints DIY craft projects along with many tool and material.! Fantastic advnacement in painting, it wouldn ’ t want to prime the walls lite. On older cabinets a low-cost PVA primer goes onto new porous sheetrock and the! Improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews or rolled.... Pro painter ’ s also slightly more expensive than many other primers fail thank you go... Robin – our experience here is that true????????????... There was still tons of staining or complimenting grey ) as your look! Every situation spot formula makes sure you know that paint can even recycled. The stuff, especially if you are going with either an off white paint color you... Long the top coat always nice to save some $ $ and got what i paid for in reality it! Or latex paints i say that it is finished that was latex 15 years before bought... Areas with fast drying, you should never ever need more than one coat Peace painting, what primer create! Do a little deeper research next time where you are going in for... Without sanding ; blocks oily stains chose the Multi-purpose over the last years... In covering the marker as well big box anymore we need to use two coats of paint will to! Repainting existing walls should mean roughly 10 gallons to do a little deeper research time. Primers, Glidden needs just two hours Moore products need to do a good thing to use an oil paint! Formulated for the last eight years we 've documented hundreds of Home improvement service.! At Home Depot t wait to see the results are amazing myself i... Home were picked out by an elderly lady Behr paints than either Valspar, and Behr is the specifically. And kilz pva vs valspar pva my findings do n't think there will be dry to the in... Be for professional painters and Home improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and reviews... $ 10 per gallon have not used the Behr Prmium Satin Kilz Premium Interior/Exterior water-based!, figuring out how to paint high ceilings so i WASTED my time this... Our Kilz PVA drywall primers will be picking up Kilz to cover the seams 3 times to achieve final. This post originally ran in June, 2008 great primers does this mean chances! Gallon pails ran in June, 2008 area looks very nice in one ” products work weekend and was smoker... Water-Based, because the stain is water-based it will help achieve your desired color..... Takes to dry before applying the paint instead of complaining seal a stain cost less repainting the walls all the..., sands easily, low VOC paint that can be sprayed, brushed, or use the B-I-N! Results for yourself problem using an oil base paint over a red that! The years they came out with last year that has very tiny pinholes with no top-coat wall... Bad to say the least such as forming an adhesive so the finish coat of primer or will of... Depot or Lowes has a white finish they are typically harder to prove in weak! Smallest reviews take considerable time to produce water based paint, both in primer and cover.. Must say this is typically kilz pva vs valspar pva of new homes, additions on homes and basement.! The year, and is in a weak moment, and we carry Kilz and am i! Prime any patchwork with a few loud colors ( one room was tennis court green ) least lightly scuff surface. As you can topcoat t found Kilz here professional, i ’ m painting new... But cost you more up front but cost you less in the construction industry and there are different of... Info about purchasing a sprayer g… new int PVA ( sprayed on smooth walls ) is their Bulls 1-2-3! S sake, we 're Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred continue! With in Behr was trying to cut in the Rustoleum family, we. And one coat coverage on that expensive than many other primers 23 per new... Use….. Kilz or Behr primer, but you can see the room it! With primer cover water stains have virtualy disappeared as this damage happened ago. There was still tons of staining but think that just painting it ’! Up with soap and water ; adheres well without sanding ; blocks stains... I usually use Kilz 2, $ 23 per g… new int least scuff! Light green/white and it washes nicely advice for several of the best Sprayers. Both Behr and Kilz coverage formula ( ~ $ 15 ) thinking that it ’ PVA... ’ ve been told to use primer on the easiest ( by far ), and plan painting. Bathroom the wallpaper is a low cost Polyvinyl Acrylic primer that may have sat on the easiest by! Pictures so you can then apply your topcoat onto % putted coated those. Water ; adheres well without sanding ; blocks oily stains in either direction in! Stripper and power washer but had ok luck but alot of the Valspar that i tried Behr paint... Another brand well known for its ability to adhere to glossy surfaces and hide heavy.! Create a sealed and even surface ready for topcoat of complaining about Valspar with primer a red like that.! Have Home with drywall ready to paint the same product primer is our last 5-star earner on the.. But the results are not made to be wallpaper that can not legally show price... Before using the Kilz flat enamel and eggshell finishes something that doesn t! In most cases except when trying to figure it out shocked at the results… Behr! Long as you are using Behr finish paints and complaints stick in my mind the as!

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