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learning french as a family

Finally, you are presented with a sample dialogue on the topic of family. Those familiar with the Welsh language may also recognise some additional words that were borrowed from Latin during the Roman conquest of Britain. In today’s free lesson you’ll learn how to talk about your family in French (the French word for family is famille).Practice your French pronunciation as you listen to the audio, and while you’re at it – take a closer look at the different ways to say 'my' in French.. Learn French online with Memrise . Memrise is another fun option to download and try too. Comments. Un aîné / une aînée can refer to an older brother/sister, the oldest brother/sister, or the first-born son/daughter.Un cadet / une cadette can refer to a younger brother/sister or the second-born son/daughter in a family.Le benjamin / la benjamine is the youngest child in a family. Note the use of the word des in the second sentence: Because of the confusion, French speakers don’t use un parent and une parente as often as English speakers do the word “relatives.” Instead, you will hear them use the word famille. In French, step-family and family-in-law are labeled using the same terms: beau- or belle- plus that family member: French does not have a special word for a step-sibling. d. On n’a pas d’animaux. Think of words that end in 'tion' or 'ture' as they are often very similar or the same in French, for example communication and agriculture. The word for family in French is une famille, (oon fah-mee). It’s singular and feminine. Surprise them by saying I love you in French. There are no fees to pay to a middleman, so it’s cheaper than a language school or an agency. French is an official language in over 25 countries, and is widely spoken in many more. When we travel we prefer to stay in an Airbnb because it provides so many opportunities to talk to interesting people. Anne: Ma famille est américaine: Du côté de ma famille paternelle, j’ai des origines françaises, et des origines anglaises du côté maternelle. It's easy to set up a free account and gives you access to over 30 different languages. We also found it helpful to listen to some language-learning CDs on long car journeys. She’s 35 years-old. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. _____________________________________________________________________, The joys of living in rural France with children, 67 words and phrases you need to talk about the weather. First, learning a language as a family can help add motivation. You could try asking on social media if any other families in your area would like to meet to exchange language skills. From la mère and le père to la sœur and le frère, here's a list of all the vocabulary you need to discuss your family in French. There are some very handy game-style apps that are free to download and use. Your child might be preparing for a French exam. Download. It’s depends on how much time you have to spend on the family lesson. Camille: What about you, Anne, where is your family from? Subject . To aid in learning French family vocabulary, you can view the terms we learned above in a simple dialogue, as in this example where Camille et Anne parlent de leurs familles (Camille and Ann are talking about their families). It's amazing how a catchy tune encourages them to speak or sing in French! How often do you hear people say that they know the French words but need to develop their confidence in order to be able to use them? Plus, if your family is competitive, the desire to outdo each other might make you study even harder than you otherwise would. As you will see, there are a few similarities between some of the English and French vocabulary about family that might help your understanding and memorization. Radio France Internationale. _______________________________________________________________, Tips for improving your French language skills. The phrase les parents usually refers to the parents, as in "mom and dad." She co-created and runs French Today, offering original audio for adult students. French is a romance language that includes a lot of words originally from Latin, many of which are used in English to mean the same thing or often something close or related to the French meaning. READ TOGETHER. Use actions, mime and point - anything that will help to get your point across. During our recent months in France we have fallen in love with the libraries and book shops. Staying with a French host family offers a relaxed, fun, yet intensive approach to language learning. Or perhaps you’d like to feed a personal passion to improve your French. If you have previously had a negative experience of learning languages then you will know that for learning to be sustainable it needs to be enjoyable rather than a chore. Your name . If you're planning on spending any time in France then it goes without saying that learning some French is a good idea. Camille: Et toi, Anne, ta famille est originaire d’où? Start Learning What You Actually Want and Need to Know If you're planning a trip to France, learn travel French (airport vocabulary, asking for help). You might also note commonalities between the two genders, as in some cases it is possible to simply add an "e" to the end of a word to change it from masculine to feminine. Just go for it and you'll realise that it actually turns out ok! It also really benefited me to incorporate some more child-friendly activities rather than focus on workbooks and formal lessons as I had in the past. This has to be my favourite method to improve my language skills. FrenchCrazy.com features articles on how to learn French. Look out for classes that are suitable for children such as those run by Lingotots. https://www.fluentu.com/blog/french/french-movies-for-beginners Staying with a French host family offers great value for money. e. To connect with French native speakers. Children's cartoons are especially good for learning new vocabulary as they often repeat words and have storylines that are easy to follow. There are so many French and bilingual books to discover together and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring beautifully illustrated magical worlds and learning about the dinosaurs with our boys. Scrabble, Monopoly and Guess Who are all ideal to play in French, and there are some more specific learning games like Kloo that focus on sentence construction, which we enjoy too. In fact it is estimated that around 30% of English words derive from French, so you may understand more than you realise. It can be hard to keep up with the Joneses in terms of all the latest … One thing that makes learning this vocabulary a little bit simpler is that, sometimes, rather than learning different words for the female or male relatives, you can just change the ending. They are rather indicators of age. To simplify the learning for you, this article first introduces an overview of close and extended family members in French, then clarifies some of the common misconceptions and differences between the English and French expressions. French news, TV & radio. French books are very easy to find online if you're in the UK and are keen to start familiarising yourself with French ahead of your move to France. Being afraid of getting something wrong can really hold people back when they're learning something new. Learning together means that you have live-in conversation partners so it's much easier to stay motivated. French future tense and fitness (26 cards) 2020-11-07 6 Irregular verbs - practice for test 1 (a) LC Level (20 cards) 2018-10-13 6 irregular verbs- être, avoir, faire, aller (54 cards) 2020-12-17 6 As a family we decided that learning French together would be a great way to make learning a new language a little more enjoyable. You can find lots of French-language options for free on YouTube or if you have Netflix you can easily select French as the language. Start learning ... Parisian neighbourhoods to ordering an indulgent crème brûlée, shopping, greeting new friends or connecting with family, you’ll learn the language as it’s used by native speakers in daily life. Elle a 35 ans. Pop songs and children's rhymes are often repetitive which can be helpful for following meaning and joining in. Remember that you can often set existing apps to other languages - just check the settings to see which languages are available. Includes audio news with transcripts in … Help your children to learn the French names for different family members with our free poster. She also blogs about her family's travels and homeschooling journey at familyedventures.com, Grand-Est (formerly Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine), Hauts-de-France (formerly Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy), Nouvelle Aquitaine (formerly Aquitaine, Limousin, and Poitou-Charentes), Occitanie (formerly Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées), The best places to buy a property in Lot, France.

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