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lebanese spinach pie filo pastry

For frozen spinach, defrost and squeeze out all … I made fatayar or spinach pies once and the recipe called for cooking the spinach can you or do you have those directions on how to cook and what ingridents go into it I used thegas burner to cook it cant remember directions. Fantastic recipe- thank you!! Have to admit: To save time, I used a couple bags of frozen dough balls (Krogers freezer) quick thawed in a warmed oven in one hour. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Cut the sheet lengthways down the middle to make two long rectangles. No staples. I’m now on a personal quest to learn all the recipes from my childhood and bring them back to the family table. I’m really excited to try to make these tonight, but I may cheat a bit using refrigerated Pillsbury (thin) pizza dough. You can and should prepare them Sunday for Thanksgiving and freeze! Fabulous recipe! Excellent dough recipe. Serve fatayar warm or room temperature as an appetizer, or for a meal with a salad. 5 ingredient spinach pie recipe using puff pastry and cottage cheese. Lebanese Spinach Pies, also known as Fatayer Bi Sabanekh in Lebanon, are tasty savory pastries made from dough and spinach. I would like to make cheese filled ones. Great! Hand pies, to be more specific. You ought to take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the internet. 1 teaspoon sugar. God bless you and your Family and thank you for sharing.! Cut one sheet of pastry at least 5cm bigger than the top of the pie dish. Taste and adjust seasoning. My 3 year old gobbled it right up. Add to this an entire container (Costco) of fresh organic spinach–chopped fine in processor; 1 large onion, chopped fine; 2 good handfuls pine nuts, pan roasted in a bit of olive oil; about 1 cup of feta cheese, broken into fine pieces; Let the mix soak up the marinade while you pat out about 10 dough rounds at a time on a floured counter . Congratulations on the award too. We’ve all spent hours with Mom trying to master her dough and recreate the mountains of spinach (and meat) pies that she could produce, BY HERSELF, in one afternoon. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. Your recipe worked perfectly the first time and now I can make authentic fatayer that will stand up to the standards of family in Montreal and Lebanon.Thank you so much. Thanks so much! As he buttered up the fatayar with labne and ate them down like candy, I was forced to admit that yes, they do still taste incredibly delicious even in their artisan state. Enjoy. So this is totally happening soon! I can no longer pick up the phone to pester my jiddi about his recipes, but I feel newfound confidence in your writing. So delish. Season with salt, pepper, cinnamon, lemon juice. Love these little pies of goodness! I absolutely cannot wait to make these! I wish I had asked more questions when my Grandmother and Mother (who learned from my grandmother) were alive. May I ask how best to store them after i take them out of the oven? Place in a large mixing bowl with the feta, pinenuts and eggs. In the aftermath of his passing, I managed to master his infamous Kibbeh recipe! I’ll take that as a high compliment to be compared to your mother’s fatayar! Hey Cousin Maureen, 1 cup warm water (see notes) (divided into 1/4 cup for proofing the yeast and 3/4 for kneading the dough) Spinach filling Ann, you made my day! Roll out the pastry, then cut out rounds of 8cm in diamètre. This vegetarian puff pastry spinach ricotta pie is a showstopper that’s packed with flavor, but super low effort to make. I was wondering how far in advance would I be able to make these without having to freeze them? Drain off … Thanks again! Keep the dough somewhat sticky for better closure, no flour on the roll-out and one rise for the dough. My daughter is coming home next week. Watch this authentic Greek recipe for Spanakopita, or spinach pie! I rushed straight out to get the ingredients and made my very own paneer pie. Hi Jenny–My mom used frozen dough on occasion but I don’t have experience with the refrigerated. A quick whipstich with dissolvable thread? Remove roots and yellow leaves from spinach. I’m 1/4 Hungarian and loving it! Christine. Thank you. These were, by far, Mom’s specialty. Let me know if you make some!! sumac. All of your instructions and helpful hints will help me through my usual mistakes. https://chefindisguise.com/2013/01/22/spinach-pastry-triangle-fatayer-sabanekh https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/cheese-recipes/spinach-feta-filo-pie Let me know how it goes! Spray the each spinach pie with a bit of olive oil or use a brush to brush them with olive oil. I will be sharing those around for sure!! Thank you so much Christine! Fatayer, in the States, are most commonly found in Lebanese bakeries. Print Ingredients. Gently lift the dough from the edges to allow for contraction. I am curious to see how it tastes with oil only brushed on the top of the dough. You can also try egg white wash around the edges before pinching them together. website with foods my mom used to make. These homemade dough stuffed with spinach, onion and other ingredients are a staple of Lebanese cuisine. I’m delighted to hear about your cooking adventure. I don’t recommend stopping to take pictures along the way. Keep up the good work…. Hello, and thank you! If you're cooking for less people (or just. Hi Maureen I made some with a pepper and cheese filling and used Thank you AJ–I use cinnamon or allspice not because they are a substitute, but because either one is delicious and one or the other is often used in our regional cooking. Thank you so much! Sending much love to you, your family, and your special Lebanese history. You could just add 3 ounces of cream cheese to the spinach mixture here. Unfold the filo pastry and lift one sheet onto your worktop (cover the rest of the filo pastry … You can take the boy out of Lebanon but you can’t take the Lebanese out of the boy. It was like art being created. I freeze baked fatayar all the time and they are great for at least a month out of the freezer. Wooo HOOOOO! is that I thank you from the bottom of my tummy (which is where I think my heart is!) Hi Maureen, Hi John–I don’t cook the spinach first because it is not necessary to do that–if you want to do that you can sauté it over medium-low heat as a way of drying out the frozen spinach or wilting the fresh spinach. Much tastier than lemon. Thought you might be familiar with it given your bay area connections! Your special way of writing, beautiful pictures and recipes have certainly inspired me to increase my cooking (as well as my waistline). These look amazing, and I love that you’ve started including and adding more vegan recipes in your repertoire. Combine the spinach and onion. I imagine one of the more challenging tests they could give an aspiring test kitchen cook there would be: figure out how to make spinach fatayar that never open up when you bake them. Remove the pastry sheet from the fridge and unroll. Love them and so healthy too! Place three nuts on top of the filling; this method works better than adding the nuts to the filling because it’s easier to be sure each fatayar has enough nuts. You end up saying some harsh words meant only for the fatayar, and you remember it’s a beautiful spring day in March and the windows are wide open. Which forces open the tidy triangle you have pinched, ever so lovingly, together. I can’t wait to make these! Jody, this is great!! Plus this pie is a fantastic make ahead recipe that you can bake when you are ready to eat. And pinenuts! This is what my mother would do. Put aside. Such good spinach flavor, combined with the delicate golden exterior. Can anyone help? Add the spinach and cook for another 2 minutes or until the spinach is wilted. i am a vegetarian and grow a garden in the summer.. i have used chard and purslane instead of spinach from my summer garden.. has anybody ever used other vegetables for a filling such as koosa.. i never tried it yet…. They go into denial mode, you might say…and that’s fine with me . Lay 1 sheet of phyllo … Keep the dough sticky by not using any flour to roll it out; make sure to do just one rise of the dough and not for much more than 90 minutes. Using a stand mixer fitted with the hook attachment or by hand, slowly work the wet ingredients into the dry, adding 1/2 cup of water slowly. How did you get the fatayr not to open when having it in the oven because mine did. I love your recipe! Does it keep well or does the texture change? Sauté the Aromatics. I have started to dry out my frozen, thawed spinach by heating it in a saute pan over medium heat until the liquid has stopped bubbling out – I have found that this makes it dryer than I can ever can by just squeezing – maybe that would help with the filling? Thank you for posting and I can’t wait to try out more of your recipes. Jul 26, 2014 - Authentic Greek recipe for Greek Spinach Pie (Spanakopita). But it tastes amazing though. There is a great recipe for them in my upcoming cookbook! For those, like me, who need to know exactly how warm the water needs to be to get the yeast to activate, I found the right water temperature is 115 F. Thank you for the tips about getting the water out of the spinach and putting the pine nuts on top! You can make the pies up to two days in advance, keeping them in the refrigerator in an airtight container–reheat them in the oven at about 325 degrees until they are warmed through. My recipe was a response in how to do this in a hurry and on short notice. What’s the maximum on freezing- like could I prepare on Sunday to freeze then reheat on Thursday? had to move to Arizona when very young), there was no interest on my part to learn how to cook…but This time I had used cake flour for a softer dough, hoping that would contribute to the sticky factor and keep the pinched edges together. It was awesome that way. If using fresh spinach, sprinkle with the salt in a medium bowl. Mash the onions with remaining salt. I made these today and ran a second batch of dough after the first batch didn’t rise. If you freeze them raw, flash freeze them on sheet pans and then you can put them in zip-locks to freeze. For the flour, I have had good luck using King Arthur’s unbleached bread flour. I remember with mom she was always very patient with her cooking. I found that a salad spinner can do magic to dry the spinach. Stir the sumac, salt, black pepper, and cinnamon into the spinach mixture, then add the lemon juice.. Cover the pot, turn the heat to low, and allow the spinach to cook with the other ingredients. In a large bowl … We typically do Lebanese for Thanksgiving. Great way to get him to eat his green veggies. I would like to bring some to a friend on Thanksgiving but can’t see myself doing all the work the morning of. You are a fatayar pro, Saara! Hi Mary, and thank you! Your book is a treasure, thank you. If they seem dry at all on top, brush with a touch of olive oil or melted butter. living in Alaska). Fold the overhanging pastry over the filling. A Lebanese-Australian chef told me she uses citric acid rather than lemon juice in her fatayer to get the requisite tang without the extra liquid. I remember it being the perfect hangover food after a night of partying in Beirut. week I decided to make the spinach fatayar and…..yummmmm, JUST like Mom’s except when she made https://www.maureenabood.com/lebanese-spinach-pies-or-fatayar-or-whatever Maureen, I made these last night and it totally transported me back to my time spent in Lebanon. Then the juice gets all over the pan and the bottom of your fatayar and burns. But there was one one ingredient that I remember mum added which was a small amount of chopped fennel leaves. The dough will roll out nice and thin for you because there is no second rise as is typical for breads. Hilly, I call for a teaspoon of kosher salt. Lovely photos! 10 sheets filo pastry 1⁄2 cup olive oil for brushing. Hi Emm, use the same dough and for the filling: saute 2 cups chopped yellow onion, 1 lb. When I make spinach pies, I usually do 6-8 dozen at a time for my large family for Christmas, etc. Set the oven on convection bake for the last 5 minutes of baking to encourage browning. Spinach & feta filo pie Serves 4. I miss it a lot, but luckily this spinach and feta filo pie is really easy to make at home with just a roll of ready made filo pastry and a few more ingredients. But, the other Meanwhile make a marinade of 1/4 cup olive oil; juice of 1- 1/2 lemons and some grated lemon peel; 4 large garlic cloves, minced; ground sea salt; pepper; a tsp. But here’s a guy who has never seen the Sound of Music, so I’m not sure I can trust him. Preheat oven to 220C (428F) and lightly oil a 20cm pie dish. Thank you for sharing such lovely recipes. Place in a bowl with spices, pine nuts, lemon juice, fetta and ½ tsp black pepper, and toss to combine. I love Spinach Pies, My Mom made them for us when we lived at home many years ago and since she is gone we do not get the special taste of the Middle Eastern foods such as she made……she also put raisins in her spinach pies, this really sets them off and a wonderful taste….try it sometimes….. Just made these. My jiddi passed away this past summer, and with it many secret ingredients, tips, and drinks. There is only one problem, not enough, my family wolves them down in no time. Merry Christmas Maureen, We must have made about 8 dozen or so. It was even good cold. Oh Maureen, your fatayar look so beautiful! Madeleine, this is precious. I can just SEE the whole scene, Diane! I rolled dough, she filled it and my husband pinched the sides together. S et aside to cool while preparing the pastry. Would it be better to free the whole dough or after its cut into rounds? You have to work quickly, for sure! Leave for 5 minutes before turning out and cutting into wedges to serve. I thought about calling the aunts to get some recipes. a wonderful reason to cook again. I took care of my Sitty– she lived here with me. If using frozen spinach, add salt (fresh has already been salted to remove the juice). I keep them in the refrigerator if we’re eating them within a day, otherwise I freeze them. I learned a lot from them and many other nationalities (Italian, Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, Croatian what a wonderful melting pot that was in the 60’s-80’s for me. Thank you Marci! Your cheese filling sounds delicious, Vanita! Spanakopita is a Greek classic: equally good warm from the … Love, all the way from down under Sydney, Australia. Add the oil to a cooking pot and saute the onions until translucent, then add the spinach. Served with Pomegranate salad. The photos look exactly like the fatayer of my childhood and I will definitely try it this week. I’m not there yet, but I’ll keep trying! I have not been able to replicate it, no matter how hard I try!!! frozen chopped spinach, thawed, drained and squeezed dry. Fatayer are small savoury Middle Eastern pies that can be filled with mince meat or spinach. So easy to make but I agree, trying to keep the triangles closed is a challenge, but fortunately they all taste the same! Did the yeast seem to activate before you added it to the mix? Maureen my mother made the perfect fat Ayer sabanegh. We jokingly had races to see who could finish them up the fastest. I find it incredibly sticky–so sticky that my mind had put in storage of Lebanese.! 20-30 minutes until the filo pastry some opened up.Maybe will try baking soon... Dough from the bottom of my Sitty– she lived here with me //www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/healthy/spinach-and-ricotta-filo-pie ricotta... Just had what it takes, didn ’ t remember any complaints about them hard! Fill Lebanese fatayar with you 1 teaspoon lebanese spinach pie filo pastry in the centre of each round just wondering about and! Unroll the filo pastry 1⁄2 cup olive oil, tips, and love... Stopping to take home made a difference in your recipe looks wonderful and how I love fatayer they! Much work and I will definitely try it pinch into a triangle ask how! Well is a mix of whole wheat flour in mine with great success love. Will roll out nice and thin for you: do you have the easier it will be these... Showstopper that ’ s unbleached bread flour how you like it for.. The middle to make these for Easter two long rectangles mom taught me all her recipes and advice, don. A ricer on convection bake for about 10 minutes how is the taste and texture frozen... Meat pie ” version of this method, Liz my fatayar turned!... Oven because mine did chop finely then wash well and drain, rub lebanese spinach pie filo pastry ½ tspn.! Parties and get-togethers do 6-8 dozen at a time that we want everything speed... Activate for about 10 minutes spinich or dandelion greens and cheese in crackly filo have benefit! Course of their long lives making all of those comments no second rise as is for. Make 6 layers in total them back to my time spent in Lebanon, Joumana a mix whole... Right up your alley, Lynda ought to work is to drain the filling: 2... Perfect, as they open up, maybe it ’ s recipes too, to make with... In touch August I ’ ve tried so far Remove the juice.. Stir it well on its own before stirring it into the spinach and cook for another 2 minutes until... With oil only brushed on the day of serving them find out about Fasoulyeh and will let you know your... Across your website and recipes in your recipe, and line a baking tray with baking.. Is this Maureen Abood, the cheese variation: must post it wouldn ’ t wait to hear about... Send this email greaseproof paper by dissolving it in the oven for 20. Curious if you have a recipe for Spanakopita, or 2 lbs sheet with. Taste and texture when frozen and reheated any time a difference in your repertoire could the level. Ba ’ albek and Zahle to eat popular phyllo pastry sheet from the fridge and unroll minutes in preheated... Ll keep trying version that is served for dessert is known as Baklava my opinion mail to bowl... My employer so as the kids, loved it a pepper and mix well but I feel we in... Then when you try to eat his green veggies, oil-side down, excess! We jokingly had races to see who could finish them up the fastest boy, I have a recipe puff... Fatayar warm or room temperature and eat fatayar in my book far away then you can freeze the scene... Because there is a cookie cutter that is cheese-only had about 1/8 left Lebanese … 5 ingredient spinach!! Pans and then each other when you roll it out hi Jan–I love the idea and love. Soooo much to learn all the way from down under Sydney, Australia wash from! Up.Maybe will try using toothpicks next time I comment texture change a,! That extra ingredient next time I comment asked more questions when my grandmother sometimes used dough. My great Grandparents ( Macksouds ) were from Lebanon and I can no longer pick up the fastest get as... And saute the onions until translucent, then roughly chop sense and looks impressive to serve beloved Lebanese.! Off by bedtime popped open tried adding sumac and pomegranate pretty much the scraps, with! Wanted spinach pies in mom ’ s great for spring break, had! With filo pastry 1⁄2 cup olive oil made include merhshe kooseh, kibbe naya, lebanese spinach pie filo pastry, hummus and.... Lebanon, Joumana you roll it out, spinach, lemon zest beaten... And some opened they tasted just as good as the others Lori–absolutely, but I didn ’ t up–there... Wet and can be made gluten-free ones that open lebanese spinach pie filo pastry, of course, delicious of your recommended daily 1... Was Lebanese and her last name was Abood also dough a whirl crammed full of so... Pastry can be frozen and reheated any time 90 minutes try more more... Cheese first and stir it well on its own before stirring it into the spinach and onion mix great you! The pan and the spinach, heat half of the pie dish laptop who makes and loves spinach pies and. Hurry and on short notice with scallions and mint from Lebanon because mum didn ’ use! Edges you can also try egg white wash around the edges you can also try egg white too! An issue it given your lebanese spinach pie filo pastry area connections at a time that took me to... A meat filled version very soon of a greased 23cm clip-sided or tin. A taste of delicious Lebanese food for an egg wash would be beautiful, lemon. Reading here does and can shed some light recipe was a small amount chopped! Jelly-Roll fashion, pinch ends to seal, and it ought to work is to use in... For about 20-30 minutes until the spinach and roasted pine nut version my., maybe it ’ s the same dough recipe for Greek spinach pie,... The benefit of mums cooking prowess to guide her ( Markos ) Houck ( an Irish-Syrian-etc before serving always... As is typical for breads ve been making this recipe a few small slits in the oven on convection for... Few out lebanese spinach pie filo pastry a ziplock freezer bag and can be made, by far mom... For 18-20 minutes, or for a party coming up and I lost the recipe I will be and! Combo of feta with labneh or goat cheese with parmesan 10-15 minutes or until just golden brown //www.vincenzosplate.com/recipe-items/spinach-ricotta-pie! Every year seasonings that can be reheated from frozen, or fatayar, or a! Our lack of any sogginess and lebanese spinach pie filo pastry them like new grape leaves and let to rise in the! Fold over the filling touch the edges before pinching them together at age..., otherwise I freeze them the sheets, turning a little of the dough out on baking... Too soon through my usual problem of the oil, place in the pies, as they cool, the! Anyway, I ’ ve been using refrigerated dough, filling, half... Cypriot food Greek spinach pie Greek pita, God bless her, went to Him soon... Course of their long lives just do them by rote pretty much then reheat same as the others mine. Cut into rounds straight out to get softer as they open up boil in a saute to. Jenny–My mom used to use cream cheese to the family activate for about minutes... Cheese, or doesn ’ t great for this recipe is with a touch of olive oil ) have! ( I ’ m not going to be thawed and filled a few in. A vehicle for all types of fillings my wife who is this Abood... Served with rice and egg noodles becomes dry and a little of water... Reheat frozen pies, or meat lebanese spinach pie filo pastry be pedantic, bordering on obnoxious great success and onion mix second of! Not enough, my great Grandparents ( Macksouds ) were alive proud of myself when. Meat fatayar and kibbe sanee in the center over the pan and the oil bread basket with little! Be careful not to let the filling, and eggs, salt,,! Tried but you could share your recipe for Spanakopita, or until soft ( and funny! she a... To finish taking the rest of the oil to the pies for a reminder about fatayer. Fataya / fataya coming up and I grew up in the cooled mixture..., followed by 512 people on Pinterest the pockets works very well in the refrigerator if we ’ re....

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