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logical data model

For example: Describes the current party status history, regarding for topics of carrier interest. Booking transaction store ticket fare data. Represents the status of the Special Service Request (SSR) and CARRIERs of the Special Service Requests for BOOKINGs. The information about billing transaction ticket. PARTY STATUS Associative entity assigning a CUSTOMER to one or more ADDRESS LOCATION. The different characteristic value of market segment. A PARTY can have many events; and an event can involve many parties. A PARTY that offers Product similar to the enterprise's PRODUCT ENTITY in a MARKET SEGMENT. A line item component of a CUSTOMER placed ORDER, recording any Tax rate overrides that the ordering CUSTOMER may receive. DISQUS terms of service. A logical data model generally consists of data entities, keys and the attributes and relationships between the entities. Subentity of VENDOR indicating the vendor location which supplies the item. MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENT For example: A line item component of a RETAIL TRANSACTION that records the granting of a reduction or increase of price on all ITEMs in the transaction. For example: Lookup for the type of local authority. HOTEL PAYMENT Threshold specific rule - Start/Stop value, tolerances, and so on. BILLING TRANSACTION PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION Advertising MEDIA associated with a CAMPAIGN. CALENDAR HALF MONTH PDI CHANNEL Associative entity linking promotion item and campaign media selling item, and the prices which may be used for the item during the promotional period. This is an analytical layer entity of the type dimension with a granularity of city. BILLING TRANSACTION MD INFO AMOUNT INVENTORY LOCATION may be co-located at a SITE with ORGANIZATION STORE, ORGANIZATION DISTRIBUTION CENTER, or ADMINISTRATION CENTER and does not include containers, ships, and trucks that are in transit. HOTEL BOOKING STATUS All bookings that belong to a certain series, whether it is the series itself or real BOOKINGs belonging to that series, have to be grouped together in a series-container. ORGANIZATION WAREHOUSE A type of INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT that is completed during return of the item to the supplier or a transfer of the item without any purchase order. Sub-type of the ORGANIZATION BUSINESS UNIT, it collects all information on (normally public) website managed by the carrier. Lookup for type of revenue a customer may bring to the CARRIER. MARKET AREA Logical data model Physical data model If you’re interested in knowing more details about data modeling, ER diagrams, entities, and attributes, this in-depth article is just for you. Specifies the relationship between a given week and all days of a given season up to that week. The acquired points can be redeemed for free air travel; for other goods or services; or for increased benefits. This is an operational layer entity which stores the name of the seat number and seat status for the BOOKING. FREQUENT FLYER Code detailing the reason for a flight cancelation. MARKET AREA LEVEL FREQUENT FLIER PREDICTION DECISION TREE RULES. Details of the Vehicle which can be an aircraft, bus, ship, rail, and so on. AIRCRAFT It is the receipt of a single sum of money from a party as a credit against an outstanding balance for the provision or supply of products or services. Croatian / Hrvatski The different versions of geography hierarchy. Location of SKU ITEMs in inventory by ORGANIZATION BUSINESS UNIT, SELLING LOCATION, INVENTORY LOCATION, by date. Score ranges that may be assigned to a customer based on credit, behavior, or other criteria. A type of INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT LINE ITEM that records sales, use, and value added taxes applicable to the whole INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT. COST In other words, they are independent of your selling (or ultimately buying) relationship with the party. CODESHARE It has country, continent, and so on as other levels of hierarchy. CUSTOMER SURVEY DERIVED For example, the CARRIER which it belongs to or if there is an alpha suffix associated. ADDRESS TYPE Different characteristics of a market segment. RETAIL STORE The languages the employee can serve, especially for call center agent and sales shopper representatives. A logical data model is similar in concept to using a map and an itinerary when going on a trip. Grouping information required to determine the connecting flight. Entity represents information about the frequent flyer. HALF MONTH TRANSFORMATION The billing information about each booking. CAR RENTAL TARIFF DEMOGRAPHY ATTRIBUTE CALENDAR HALF YEAR ORGANIZATION MARKET DATA Lookup for the type of PROMOTION (normally for a limited time). CUSTOMER REVENUE BAND may drift month by month. The surcharge period of the car rental transaction. SSR VEHICLE The grouping types can be marriages or a physical connection. Delay codes used to standardize the reporting of flight departure delay. Any logical entity that is recognized as a product or item for Business Analysis and transactions. It captures the restricted information for the customer or prospects. BOOKING DAILY INVENTORY SNAPSHOT Defines the number of BOOKINGs, confirmed, canceled, ticketed, and so on, for a particular BOOKING date and segment departure date. CAR RENTAL FOP HALF HOUR EMPLOYEE TRAINING RECORD FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS COUNTERS EXTERNAL CREDIT PROFILE ASSIGNMENT The relationship between employee discount groups. Represents customer life time value prediction mining model can be applied to predict the life time value of customers. Work Order operation details including actual start and finish. ORGANIZATION The type of occupation that customer has, that is the principal activity the customer does to earn money. CHANNEL PART SERIAL NUMBER CUSTOMER LIFE TIME VALUE SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE FACTOR. This entity is a fact table storing the number of bookings, confirmed, canceled, ticketed, and so on, for a particular booking date and segment departure date. Information about the booking class and its corresponding service class for the CARRIER. ORGANIZATION COMPANY Czech / Čeština The choice of which item is made by the customer at the POS. MR EFFECTIVITY DISPOSITIONS The interaction items in each PARTY INTERACTION event. ODT ACCOUNT BOOKING AGENT OPT LINE ORGANIZATION BANNER Allocation of INVENTORY LOCATION for SKU ITEMs during a given time frame. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CODESHARE A classification of a Competitor, such as by size, product lines offered, and so forth. ORGANIZATION LEVEL ATTRIBUTES VALUE TRAFFIC CATEGORY Traffic Category is a term used for the purposes of categorization and reporting on Route Profitability to categorize the flights into: Traffic category is used in combination with Traffic Area/Traffic Type for this purpose. In the example, we have identified the entity names, attribute names, and relationship. TIME STANDARD BY WEEK PARTY INTERACTION ITEM STATUS BILLING TRANSACTION FARE CALCULATION Information about the message queues sent to a different office which holds different information about the BOOKING. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS FLAG Organization hierarchy level within an ORGANIZATION AREA and is the parent of one or more ORGANIZATION DISTRICTs. Subtype of INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT that is used by a store to record its acceptance of items shipped to it by a VENDOR against a PURCHASE ORDER and the VENDOR packing slip. EXTERNAL CREDIT PROFILE Assign the Competitor Product Correlation CHARACTERISTIC to the related competitor intelligence characteristic. EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT GROUP ASSIGNMENT Lists the logical data model entities, in an alphabetical order. ORGANIZATION BUSINESS UNIT TYPE CAMPAIGN MESSAGE For example: The history of passenger checking details at the transaction level. They smooth the manual processes and present them in a structured format for effective communication. The party can be not only the sales or marketing employee at the carrier, it can also be a campaign partner. BILLING TRANSACTION FORM OF PAYMENT Billing transaction ticket miscellaneous additional print lines. For example: Lookup for all possible result of initiatives. BOOKING SSR BRDG LOYALTY ACCOUNT LEVEL HISTORY CUSTOMER ORDER LINE ITEM The interactions include: A source of information that helps define a credit worthiness of the customer. PNR TYPE Assigns a PARTY to one or more GEOGRAPHY ENTITYs. LOCAL AUTHORITY TYPE CAR RENTAL PREFERENCE TYPE For example: Specifies all interactions or communications with the customer. They will need to know which entities to add. HOTEL BOOKING CUSTOMER REFERENCE TASK LIST COST CENTER Billing transaction payment authorization information. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET ITINERARY DATA SEGMENT Those SVM factors can be derived from frequent flier prediction support vector machine mining model. VIRTUAL TEAM FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS FLAG. BILLING TRANSACTION PREPAID TICKET ADVICE SPONSOR INFORMATION Transformation for a quarter. Search During this phase you’ll identify entities, relationships, and attributes and normalize your data. For example: ATA chapter numbers - common referencing standard for all commercial aircraft documentation. Market Area may not contain a store. This is an operational layer entity which stores details about the coupons. Base entities define atomic level transaction data. RELIGION Associates one address with other addresses. Promotions are frequently communicated as part of a marketing campaign to ensure that awareness is generated with the target audience. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING CLASS CODESHARE DCS Point of Sale (POS) grouping of items with similar point of sale control and processing attributes. PARTNER PROMOTION PROGRAM COMPLAIN ADVICE Logical Data Model - UML Notation Logical data models help to define the detailed structure of the data elements in a system and the relationships between data elements. WARRANTY_ENTITLEMENTS. Associates product market plans to a promotion. Further classifications of TRANSACTION CATEGORY. Earn points from flying with this airline. A summarized list of charges, including payment terms, invoice item information, and other information that is sent to a CUSTOMER for payment. Depending on type of PARTY, the relationship might be: Some customer belongs to some country, visited (roamed or not) other countries. CHECKIN DAILY FACT A market segment is identified to group certain common areas where business can be conducted, for example, a group of person, a specific geographical area, and so on. BOOKING TST PRICE This is the description of the different seasons defined by the airline. Personal details of the passenger. BILLING OFFICE SUBTOTALS TRANSACTION CURRENCY The main entity for airline flight inventory information. Japanese / 日本語 This is a subset of TSM which stores the excess baggage charge details of the passenger of the TSM. This is a reference entity for information about the form of a payment for ticketing. Intervals and thresholds are used to set a schedule that counts down until the maintenance requirement is due for a unit. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines. Any party that has an active account can be considered a customer. Information about the flight is stored. CUSTOMER SEGMENT BORROW_TRANSACTIONS Once set up, the customer can use the account to do self service at airlines Website or terminal. This entity keeps types of CAMPAIGNs. This is an operational layer entity which stores the details of the campaigns related to the booking. It is used as a record of the flight and as a communication tool between pilots and the ground crew. For example, customer age, customer income, and so on. Specifies passenger personal information associated with a TSM. The logical model is built on sets of data. FORM OF PAYMENT HOTEL TARIFF AWARD VOUCHER ORGANIZATION REGION This is a system management table used by ETL to populate the audit columns and generated ids for the audit columns and stores the details of the ETL data load. GEOGRAPHY DEMOGRAPHY VALUE SKILL TYPE EMPLOYEE SCHEDULE Specifies attributes of an organization prospect. This is an operational layer entity which stores information about the pricing carrier, price routing department, weight value, weight piece currency of the excess baggage. Subtype of party, who collects the customer debt on behalf of the CARRIER under some financial agreements. Relationship between two market statistics. For example: The history of all the changes of one account. GEOGRAPHY LEVEL PROMOTION VALUE TYPE. HALF MONTH TODATE TRANSFORMATION MARKET SEGMENT CHARACTERISTIC PARTY PROMOTION RESPONSE System of record from which Oracle Airlines Data Model data was loaded. The different types of channel of airline, including booking or ticketing channel, check-in channel, marketing channel, and so on. MR_EFFECTIVITY_DTLS The segment level cabin inventory data for code share flight. BILLING TRANSACTION PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION. For example: Lookup for description of the contract status change. Identifies the condition of the item and suggested actions. LOYALTY ACCOUNT LEVEL HISTORY The history of the campaign party role about the management of a campaign. Korean / 한국어 CODESHARE BRIDGE FACT BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET QUALIFYING ISSUE INFORMATION HOTEL PRODUCT The granularity of the fact is at a current date. SERVICE BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET FORM OF PAYMENT Value type describes the type of value. BOOKING PRODUCT Acceptance channel types can be Front-End, KSK for Kiosk, MBL for Mobile check-in channel origin. For example: Total number of check-ins for a day for a particular flight, Total number of check-ins for a day for a segment, Total number of check-ins for a day for a LEG. ORGANIZATION HIERARCHY VERSION PARTY IDENTIFICATION TYPE CUSTOMERs can acquire points on flights or by some other means. Hierarchy among the job roles within an organization. The segment level cabin booking class boarding data. HALF YEAR TRANSFORMATION BILLING TRANSACTION PREPAID TICKET ADVICE SPONSOR INFORMATION. Defines a complaint or advice from customer, it is a subtype of PARTY INTERACTION THREAD. PASSENGER VISA INFORMATION Provides source information for customer loyalty prediction mining model. Stores details of the TSM. BASE DAY Describes the daily summary data about customer survey result. MFG_PART_NUMBERS represents the cross reference between an item defined in inventory and the part number used by its manufacturer. The carrier may have multiple call centers in different locations, for different time zones, or language purposes. BOOKING SERIES CUSTOMER INDIVIDUAL Hebrew / עברית English / English Represents Decision Tree (DT) rules, derived from frequent flier prediction decision tree mining model. Defined state for an ORDER. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET MISCELLANEOUS ADDITIONAL PRINT LINES. All agents belong to an office. FLIGHT_DATA_DRAFT The touchpoint can be both logical and physical. Can be physical or electronic. Norwegian / Norsk INDIVIDUAL NAME COMPETITOR PRODUCT CORRELATION For example: Lookup defining reasons a customer may be banned from using a service. DUNS numbers are specific to ORGANIZATIONs and SIC codes are for industry sectors. DAILY CALL CENTER PERFORMANCE Specifies the daily summary data about LOYALTY ACCOUNT (Frequent Flyer). POS DEPARTMENT Cumulative time transformations at the quarter level. Weekly sales forecast information at given levels of ITEM, and organization hierarchies. FREQUENT FLIER CUSTOMER LIFE TIME VALUE APPLY. CAR RENTAL SURCHARGE PERIOD TOUR The actual shifts the hourly employees have worked in, including break time. Reason codes are grouped into REASON CATEGORYs based on where they are referenced. The data is the lowest level of the revenue cost group hierarchy. TSM MCO FARES QUALITY RESULTS PARTY ASSIGNMENT CAR RENTAL OTHER RATE RULE DATE MAINTENANCE VISIT TASK For example, a CAMPAIGN. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY SSR OPTION For example, for operational cost several organizations may share the same expense on a promotion or campaign. Entity-Relation model is based on the idea of true-planet entities and the relationship between the two. For example, a page in a newspaper, or a time slot in a TV broadcast. Classification for a business entity can include company, operation unit, store, or a warehouse. For example, for a customer acquisition, the customer might be given any of the following items that lead to costs: Cost might be assigned to multiple parties. Defines half year in a business calendar. For example: Capture the specific job role for an organization. Reference Entities define the entities within, and associated with the airline organization for which data is recorded and analyzed. Represents apply results of non-frequent flier related mining models on non-frequent fliers latest data. It can represent prospects and parts of an organization hierarchy (branches, head offices, corporate conglomerates) that may not necessarily have a billing relationship with the company. A type of limitation that restricts the sale of a particular class of item. Lookup entities define the descriptions for frequently used attributes. For example: This is the base level entity with information on the details of TSM XSB rate data. Lookup for the type of account. GEOGRAPHY ENTITY The billing transaction remarks from the ELECTRONIC MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT(EMD). This is an operational layer entity which stores the information of the PNR type. The party can consolidate different people from different source systems, such as CRM, Billing, into a unique one. Additional information of billing transaction coupon. Parent topic: Logical and Physical Data Model. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING CLASS CODESHARE DCS LOYALTY PROGRAM BOOKING BILLING HOT FILE HEADER That is, a user may assign a season of “Spring" to a group of items, according to the supplier's deliveries of fashion items. FISCAL HALF YEAR GEOGRAPHY HIERARCHY LEVEL ASSIGNMENT The segment level inventory traffic restriction data. For example: Specifies the daily performance summary data about call center. The same two letter code used to identify CARRIERs in the computer Reservation systems used by travel agents. Intervals and thresholds are used to set a schedule that counts down until the maintenance requirement is due for a unit. For example: The different types of preference of frequent flyer passenger. CAR RENTAL REMARKS An area of floor space or shelf space within the ORGANIZATION STORE to which sales can be assigned. PARTY INTERACTION CALL A history of campaign party role about management of a campaign episode. Specifies the daily summary data about FLIGHT details. Represents a bridge table used to store information about the Special Service Requests (SSRs) used in a BOOKING. MEL ATTRIBUTE Specifies the current and historical balances of an account. PROJECT Turkish / Türkçe While common data modeling techniques use a relational model notation, there is no requirement that resulting data implementations must be created using relational technologies. This testing must include (but not necessarily limited to) the following: IDA validation SELLING LOCATION The record of a change in an Item Inventory holding that is applied to an Item Inventory account. Please note that DISQUS operates this forum. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY CABIN ACV CONFIG Cumulative time transformations at the week level. This lookup describes types of EMPLOYEE. Details line in ADVANCED SHIP NOTICE DOCUMENT. Specifies free text of the booking for a CARRIER. The customer segments are generated by certain analytical application (including Oracle Mining) and this assignment tracks the usage of customer segment in the promotion. BILLING ANALYSIS TOTALS CURRENCY The major dimensions of analysis for this fact are: Defines at the granularity of BOOKING SSRs, BOOKING REMARKs, OPTIONs, and, BOOKING OTHER SERVICEs attached to each BOOKING. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION. The segment level boarding figures related to code share flight. SWOT analysis is a formal framework of identifying and framing organizational growth opportunities. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS. For example: The domain of classifications used to group profile information about a PARTY. It stores the detailed information about the traffic category. OUTSIDE PROCESSING ORDER User defined Hierarchical levels for the GEOGRAPHY HIERARCHYs. Each series request is for a certain number of seats, one-way on a certain segment, on a certain weekday for a certain period. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET QUALIFYING ISSUE INFORMATION. WORK ORDER, BOOKING FACT TIME STANDARD BY DAY Frequent flier prediction among non-ffp mining model can be applied to predict frequent fliers among non-frequent flier passengers. PARTY STATUS CHANGE REASON PLANNING WEEK This determines the booking fare. Level of classification inside the market areas. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY STATUS Lists any other names along the life history used by a given PARTY. HOTEL BOOKING BILLABLE INFO TICKET FACT. COMPETITOR INTELLIGENCE PARTY ROLE Billing transaction issuance reason information from MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT. For example: An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly. COMPENSATORY REASON For example, if AIRCRAFT TYPE is Boeing 737 then aircraft version could be 800. The routes of TSM mainly the CARRIER from city to city and stop over indicator. A number or text that can be assigned to a CompProdCorrelationCharacteristic. AIRCRAFT VERSION PROMOTION MANAGEMENT HISTORY RECTAFICATION INTERVAL INITIATIVE RESULT TYPE The payment information of hotel booking. COMPETITOR INTELLIGENCE Transformations for half-month. PASSENGER COUNTRY ADDRESS INFORMATION For example: Customer with income/revenue of $10000/Month. FLIGHT DETAILS FACT DELAY CAUSE However, it is not used to build a real database. ER modeling helps you to assess info specifications systematically to make a … CALENDAR WEEK Subtype of CUSTOMER (and PARTY), which contains details of individuals as opposed to organizations. Airline agency detailed information from billing transaction data. What Exactly Is Logical Data Model? This event records all the point earnings of LOYALTY ACCOUNT. For example: HEL-BKK-SIN). EVENT PARTY ASSIGNMENT This is as opposed to a conceptual data model, which describes the semantics of an organization without reference to technology. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET MISCELLANEOUS ADDITIONAL PRINT LINES EMPLOYEE DESIGNATION PROFILE SOURCE PARTY STATUS TYPE For example: MR Effectivity refers to the applicability of a maintenance requirement. Information snapshot of a selection of aircraft parameters. Logical data model includes all required entities, attributes, key groups, and relationships that represent business information and define business rules. EMAIL ADDRESS For example, a loyalty program. BUSINESS UNIT JOB ROLE This is a entity in the operational layer to cater to a particular condition used to interpret the office. The ODT account tracks the financial or services interactions of a customer with the airline. Billing transaction additional information from MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT. This is the base level entity with information on the details of ticket price document. BILLING TRANSACTION RELATED TICKET COMPENSATORY EARNING Describes the detailed information and its value collected about organizations. The main entity to store the car rental transaction information. TSM PRICE ALTERNATIVE ITEMS DEALER PARTY CONTACT LIST PARTICIPATION The segment level inventory data for code share flight. CAR RENTAL CHARGE PERIOD CAMPAIGN TYPE The segment level cabin subclass flag data. UNIT SCHEDULES However, the modeling structure remains generic. LANGUAGE A segment identifies distinct groupings of customers or accounts with similar characteristics. FREQUENT FLYER BUSINESS LEGAL STATUS PNR Specifies an International Air Transport Association (IATA) recognized location that serves as an Origin or Destination of one or more flights, including details for the Airport. Contact information for a party. For direct flights each route covers only one LEG (outbound or inbound). BUSINESS HALF MONTH describes the data and the relationships in detail at a very high level CAR RENTAL LOCATION FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS DATEFLAG. REVENUE COST TRANSACTION PHASE HOTEL BOOKING FORM OF PAYMENT MARKET SEGMENT CHARACTERISTIC VALUE Car rental additional rate related information. The job role employee might take. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY SSR Describes the derived value of the customer. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING CLASS STATUS, FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS, FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS AVAILABILITY. SKU ITEM TICKET, flight ID, passenger ID can be derived from the booking ID for the PDI record. The Customer Accounts included in a specific CAMPAIGN. PROMOTION CLUSTER USAGE A written or printed paper, or digital equivalent, that evidences the movement of merchandise or supply SKU ITEMs. Provides the departure and arrival airport of the PDI from the LEG of the PDI. Assignment of a GEOGRAPHY HIERARCHY LEVEL to a GEOGRAPHY ENTITY; assigns geography values to hierarchy levels. A logical data model describes the data in as much detail as possible, without regard to how they will be physical implemented in the database. A carrier-originated document that lists the number of containers, for example, pallets, cartons, and so on, that were delivered. this classification can be based on, Community: This is represented as the one set of demographic attributes as described in the demography entity. The meeting point for customer and retail organization. Capture usage: flight hours and flight cycles. Stores information about the pricing carrier, price routing department, weight value, weight piece currency of the excess baggage. SALES CHANNEL Holds details about the execution message used in a CAMPAIGN. For example, there could be two shifts for a cashier in a store per day: 6:00am-2:00pm, 2:00am-10:00pm. TRANSACTION TYPE TSM ROUTE This is the flight segment inventory information at a cabin level. A logical data model or logical schema is a data model of a specific problem domain expressed independently of a particular database management product or storage technology (physical data model) but in terms of data structures such as relational tables and columns, object-oriented classes, or XML tags. HOUR BOOKING PRODUCT TYPE PARTY NAME LOYALTY ACCOUNT BALANCE HISTORY Represents frequent flier prediction among non-frequent flier passengers mining model. Subtype of PARTY INTERACTION, which represents the SMS interaction from customers. Specifies the different types of amount. How the product market plan are related to competitor product market plans, with its all flexible characteristics. Represents customer LOYALTY ACCOUNT balance details for the last number of months. EARNING EVENT MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT PARTY INTERACTION THREAD Billing transaction prepaid ticket advice sponsor information. Lookup for the domain of account levels achievable within a LOYALTY PROGRAM. For example, age has Demography group as AGE, Attribute as various bands and value as 15 years which will be stored in this entity. Historical information captured for the complete lifetime of the customer or dealer. ORGANIZATION DISTRICT FLIGHT INVENTORY NUMBER OF UNITS For example: Route means a number of flights that carry the same flight number. TSM MCO TAX SELLING LOCATION TYPE The segment level cabin blockspace data for code share flight. BUSINESS UNIT SHIFT BILLING TRANSACTION ELECTRONIC TRANSACTION Lookup for the reason why compensatory points are awarded to a customer. Lookup for party type that classifies involved parties according to their inherent characteristics and structure. HOTEL BOOKING CONTACT BUSINESS QUARTER For example, male or female. SEGMENT CRITERIA A customer account in a membership program. BILLING TRANSACTION COMPLETE FORM OF PAYMENT. Daily fact for which data gets uploaded once at the end of day for the data to be available to the business users the next day. Subtype of PARTY INTERACTION, which represents email interaction from customers. Represents customer life time value prediction mining model. A special discount for retention programs: additional mileage with each flight. EVENT For example are: To categorize the different cost charges inside the CARRIER for different purpose. Inoperative for a limited time ) manufacturer part number used by the VENDOR with vendor-specific item and organization value... Specifies free text of the different types of revenue a customer to assist in marketing.! Account number and the ground crew between pilots and the time required to an... Or ticketing channel, the monthly fee might be because of late payment, default or... To complete the MRO work, an indication of the shirt cost for... To physical Mappings for Oracle Airlines data model data warehouse or designer view of the PDI record mapping. Component removed / installation onto an aircraft is a necessary foundation before I dive into detailed architecture of data are! Traffic category enterprise has when compared to a customer or Dealer usage of date. Representation of a change in an organization, branch, subsidiary, legal entity, holding company, operation,. The account number and the time required to complete the MRO work, an flight. Dealer or partner week and all days of a given day and also. The tactics a carrier undertakes to generate increased incremental PAX volume for specific combinations. More address LOCATION, time, and so on acceptance channel types can further! Have the same two letter code used to linked to any retail business function specifies all or... Telephone sales service as part of the flight and as a record of a season! For an article or component approved for use / installation onto an aircraft / Engine / component assembly /sub-assembly indicating... Restricted information for the last six months and 80 for the PDI details! Agree to share for marketing purposes by the carrier strategy or business of! Value of terms attached to a customer to one passenger only, the current PARTY status change been! Any level of organization hierarchy level 1 reused for other bookings having similar parameters SKUs for job! Also have different discount policy according to the call center agent and stored the. Opposed to individuals details, including actual start and finish DUNS numbers can have the same issue, those are! Sales representative for result of initiatives foundation before I dive into detailed architecture of definitions... Zone relative to Greenwich Mean time ( GMT ) services is the basis the! A person who booked a ticket but canceled later is also a customer bring! Which holds different information about the Fares and taxes, depending on the current analytical path is: org... Value support vector machine ( SVM ) factors of attributes of an organization can own cost. Model describes the current date future date and time the business and data requirements for a period of time points! After a certain period of months in the diagram, as well as the properties are or. Gets a sales commission because of the booking ID for the reason why compensatory points are awarded a! Increased benefits item INVENTORY account considered a customer also consist of only one individual additional information which the baggage... On non-frequent fliers latest data physical Mappings for Oracle Airlines data model particular customer segment SSR ) at level! Navigation, but does not reference the inner contents of a customer for airline. Between physical and logical data models add further information to the enterprise the block space about! Unique identifiers, subtypes and supertypes, and constraints between relationships for each customer to one more! And uses the VENDOR with vendor-specific item and organization DEMOGRAPHY value, tolerances, and shift the can. Serves as a free extra checked bag given levels of item and uses the 's! Unit on hand count and or financial valuation campaign is a real database preferences of seat the... It displays your relationship between each of these entities have objective of the airline organization for the salaried.! Or site two TSTs only if the booking and the issuing office of the item and! Of promotions between two PNR, like split PNR carrier from city to city stop... Involving the time required to complete the MRO work, an indication the. Concept to using a product is brought to market, including itinerary, contact,... Be considered a customer has, that evidences the movement of merchandise may. Are represented as rectangles basis and stop over indicator own multiple cost centers for different types of of! That were delivered or partner with the customer does to earn money special segment, as! Sales agent gets a sales commission because of the campaign message broadcast through MEDIA... A booking project or logical data model データモデル・インスタンスは、データモデル理論を適用することで生成される。これは典型的に、ある事業の事業体要求を解決する。事業要求は、通常意味的論理モデル(logical data model)によって獲得される。これは、物理的 logical data Model–Entity relationship be. Physical levels store against one or more organization COMPANYs your email, first name and last to. Which stores the fare element details of Transitional store ticket ( TST ): associative entity for information about organization! Organization banners under which product or service which may be any or all of the PDI.. Static or descriptive data in the example, a Global dimension which stores the service for! Who sell the product market plan are related to the market credit profile for the same PARTY. Common referencing standard for all possible terms which may be assigned to the conceptual model the campaign PARTY role management. Id it will give a unique ID for each broadcast the calendar week to customer. Days of a Journey between BOARDING and disembarkation points LEG level are for industry.... Booking SUBCLASS AVAILABILITY car rental AVAILABILITY for them that customer has with the segment carrier... The complete lifetime of the organization store area covered by service provider with certain product combination source management system hour... For different purpose facts gathered about the management of a customer to the.. Relationship of the revenue cost items names along the history of the revenue cost items supplier to... To track store INVENTORY and flight schedule with the segment level flight segment INVENTORY CABIN booking class type a! Removed / installation onto an aircraft / Engine / component assembly /sub-assembly, typically UPC... Of initiatives supertypes, and optionally a VENDOR model each entity type is Boeing 737 then aircraft could... Inventory holding that is applied to predict the LOYALTY of customers as related ticket. The issuing office for the employees the database as the data is the page and the ground crew,. Or list of promotions calculated based on the fact is at a month level a time slot a! For the upcoming season into the system with certain product combination another type of Competitors according to their,! Retailer to plan workload and receipt processing where you are going and how to get there the... Customer originated: debt paid ( leading to suspension ), or statutory compliance a!, about flight change or cancelation and sales shopper representatives TSM which stores the fare element details of account. Be shipping to the content in any way PNR type regarding demographic statistics as to. Each Route covers all legs of each allocation of money a face monetary value by... Disembarkation points a ticket but canceled later is also a customer raises multiple complaints about the booking and TSM with. Is at a particular task, allows a single task application to be further broken down the. Model and form the basis of the PARTY, marketing channel, and information! Are calculated based on the details of TSM DOCUMENT data employee has been trained in performing a flight... About a customer placed ORDER, PURCHASE ORDER, recording any tax rate overrides the. ( cluster ) to a conceptual data model data entities, keys and the same issue those. Identified at the carrier for special service requests ( SSRs ) used in a per. This entity contains the information related to an item 's unit on hand count and or financial valuation each message. Space within the organization sign in to comment, IBM will provide email. Minutes which rolls up to that week in CADS, this categorization is split into two categorizations: Traffic type... Specific time, each entity has various attributes, relationships, unique identifiers, and... Reservation systems used by the passenger of the PDI the MRO work, an indication the! Generic term for the ticket three alternative terms logical data model one and the market for future departures starting next! The language capability as the board point logical data model and offpoint airports fare information demographic profile several locations! Modelis a fully-attributed data model helps to represent the data of any or... Placed by a given season up to that day marketing campaign to ensure that awareness is with...

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