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what do mirabelle plums taste like

I like all of them. Thank you all . Recently, however, I found out that there are others around (including one in the local park - discovered when I saw all its fruit lying on the ground). I have just brought some cuttings from Great Barrier Island off the coast of New Zealand. I have a mirabelle plum tree in Cornwall. I, as most others, had no clue. Until recently, I truly believed, there really was no way of telling until you eat them. It is the mastery of the qualities of ingredients as much as anything else that makes a good chef- not to say their choices are infallible. I got my American Mirabelle from Grin 15 years ago or so. The Mirabelle Plum Festival began in 1947 and is the traditional finale to Metz’s summer programme of events. Jam is a relativity low margin item, and our season ends sometime in October (depending on ripening) so late ripening jam fruit would have to be mostly wholesaled or frozen to use in the early summer (jam is best made fresh). Thats the only reason why I bought a snow blower, the plows here can't handle our hilly street when there is more than 3-4 inches on it. Don't get me wrong, homemade Damson jam is fantastic, but Mirabelles are simply. Picture above is the real Mirabelle. Grows on You is a community for gardeners. This year looks as though it will be a bumper harvest. I was surprised how sweet damson becomes if you wait and wait. In addition to excellent taste, the plant also has excellent healing properties. I was brave enough to try one and it was superbly sweet and plum like. Thank you. Are shades of grape, eggplant, lavender and plum the most daring colors for a home’s exterior? is what is likely to be causing the fruit to drop before it's fully developed & ripe? By the way, we are getting snowed in for about 10-12". I'm wondering if it isn't that leaf hoppers especially feed on it (should have mentioned before that they go after certain E plums but not Japs). Those little things are mirabelles. Though the trimming of this hedge does reduce the crop, timing helps! What color should I paint the front door? I didnt realise we call them cherry plums in uk. I tend to plant the most 'authentic' possible varitieties of Mirabelles, I can find. The Metz, the Nancy, are both different plums. We can always get some fruit but we need to pay attention to the detail to get a fruit we are proud of. The eau de vie a 'Mirabelle' is world renown. The tree is very productive and self fertile. The plum is larger than a sweet cherry. I would like to buy a plum tree. I'm currently trying to grow from a plum pip as I want one in the back of my garden for me and kids. The mirabelle is a specialty of the French region of Lorraine, which has an ideal climate and soil composition for the cultivation of this fruit. EM is not prone to cracking or much to brown rot either- usually ripens before the really hot humid weather. Others have said they don't like frost?Probably! They are considered a European specialty/delicacy plum. Typically, they are used in dishes such as plum tarts as they don’t fall apart when baked or cooked. My favorite fruits are plums, which, confusingly for anglophones, are called prunes, in French, or pruneaux, when they are dried. Mirabelle Plums. I think 'wines' needs its own forum! The fruit is small and yellow/orange. I have a very small courtyard garden, somehow I have to find a way to grow them in Wales. Traditionally, in Romania, they are eaten still hard and sour, but I prefer when they have a bit more give to them. I have tried googling but cant find any so far. Does anyone here have any actual hands-on experience growing mirabelles and can share information about flavor, habits, growing requirements etc. I'm in France three times a year. Will my Italian Prune Plum be the best candidate? My arms are so tired from shoveling snow. I think unless you live in the highlands you should be fine, especially with the weather you sometimes get at the end of May/early June. I gradually remove the original branch if the graft begins on one or if it is on the trunk I gradually remove the scaffold beneath it. It surprises me that those two are highly rated for fresh flavor (very sweet) but also are extremely valued by the French as culinary plums. Some are sweet, rich and delightful – others taste foul like mud. They are known for being sweet and full of flavour. It the size is not equal, make sure the cambium lines up on one side of the scion and sprout. Prunus are held at Davis Ca. So the question (eventually!) Grown on a tree in Dorset England. On another site the owner had me cut her Green Gage down because she didn't like the fruit- it was also at a site with limited sun. Tree is now about 12 ft high and has had a tough time surviving being nibbled by cows. They are that special. Everything about the tree seems minature. The tree flowers early and so far has been a victim of late frosts. Whether they will produce fruit in my cold wet scottish garden remains to be seen but its worth a go. They all bloom at the same time. Even MrsG was raving about the currants, and they are super tart fruit! I'm going to have to find some next summer. Tree is dwarfish and dense, you pick them when they start to turn a little orange. Mrs. G, that is interesting- were you raised in France or did your family vacation there a lot? One year I used a surplus of the fruit t make a mirabelle version of sloe gin - even better than sloe gin in my opinion! There is an American mirabelle (supposedly an old offshoot of a plum originally from France) and the Geneva Mirabelle created at the Geneva station here in the US. I'll buy all the extra things I need for proper grafting. We could only reach a small percentage of the plums and I've yet to decide what to do with them! Just a little more trivia.There are Mirabelles trees, yellow and red, bearing fruit at the edge of the car park at the Texaco garage in Hungerford (the one near the roundabout, with a Coop store inside). Hi Hedgehogg - well, after some research, i've found your plums. Mrs. G. They do look interesting. I also tasted quite a few Green Gage or Reine Claude this year and found it was a much better plum, apparently, when grown in absolute full sun. One day, she offered an old woman hospitality and in return, the old lady (who was a fairy) transformed all the trees of the kingdom into magnificient, rich trees full of golden fruits. In our Italian garden we have two plum trees laden with fruit. I am hoping they go well here but my site is quite windy. Are they similar to the other mirabelles? as they are meditteranean. Thanks Plum, I'm becoming curious enough to give them a spin- you want some Earli-magic wood, right? The mirabelle plum is identified by its small, oval shape, smooth-textured flesh, and especially by its dark yellow colour which becomes flecked in appearance. What Do They Taste Like? You need to compare side to side to really appreciate the differences unless you've a chef's memory in your palate (I do not). We used Kilner jars as bottles have thin necks and it is a chore and a half to get the fruit through the gap. Although paint can help, the door style will always look not quite right with the rest of the house. All prunus species( plums, apricots peaches, etc) are prone to Curly leaf disease and therefore benefit from an umbrella like see-through covering of some kind around February and flowering time which needsto come off during the day for polination. I'm guessing it is the aromatics that provide the kick and you get the acid from something else, like lemon juice, in your recipes. But there is a trick. Mrs. G. Thank you Mrs. G for a very thorough explanation- perfumed with a mother's pride, although I trust your evaluation. I have three varieties of marabella growing in my garden in cambs and one is the small yellow variation and has been here for the past 50 years so yes they grow here very well you are welcome to some stones if you like or come and pick them. I make Mirabelle jam, that is as good as gold. Thanks. But this year the fruit survived. Mrs. G. I understand the French influence on European cuisine, but that doesn't explain how they came to use any given variety of fruit for any given purpose, as if it is just an arbitrary decision and becomes law on whim. . The Mirabelle plum, also known by the species namePrunus insititia, originated from Asia, but also is widely grown in France. The fruit is primarily used in jams and pies, and its juice is commonly fermented for wine or distilled into plum brandy. People love them. Mirabelles are not the same as greengages as stated above. The mirabelle reaches maturity and is harvested from July to mid-September (Northern Hemisphere). I do find this a bit sweet for my taste, but I do like it and if you like very sweet fruity florals, you'd probably love it! Mike, stick to the real ones (Metz and Nancy) they taste the best. Mirabelle plums are Lorraine’s iconic fruit ! Oh man this makes me so excited that I've got a Mirabelle de Nancy in the ground. Delicous. I got one from Cummins a year or 2 ago, so we will see. Greengage plum is a green plum common in France. It is like a symphony, if the pieces fall together its magnificent. Anyone out there who can help???? How do you prune them? It is just that special. Damson jam has that wonderful tangy bite to it, where by, Mirabelles have more sugar content. Making jam today. For a branch, the water sprout may either be on the trunk or at the beginning of an existing branch. They color up over a month before the flesh turns amber. What mess. You can do it in any color you want from subtle to bold. poppyseed 9 hours ago . My garden is South Facing, and reasonably sheltered. These could be? The more vigorous the tree you are grafting to usually leads to the more vigorous graft if the graft takes well and is in position for lots of light. 63 Mirabelle plum … They are a 'specialty-delicacy' plum. That's a comforting thought. ... My parents had new neighbours and on introducing himself my father was asked if he’d like any of the ripening plums that were weighing down 5 trees in their garden. I have frozen raw before but find it can sometimes make the skin tough on defrosting. White Stag, one of the big winners at that test was only 7 years old so the vines of its winning entry must have been only 3 or 4 years old. Another point: remove the stones from the Mirabelle plums (I was told by wise boyfriend that they contain Arsenic). Scott, Mirabelles are not acidic, they are a sweet, sugary fruit. It’s made with Mirabelle plums, which are small, sweet plums with a yellow to rosy pink skin and a soft bloom to them. I had to blow out our whole hilly road because the plow got stuck. Cool rain doesn't seem to crack plums as much. I think it's going to take another 4 years to fruit though. Ugh. After all they are a plum. Mirabelle plum is a plum variety among the most delicate. My 2 year old victoria plum tree's leaves have started turning yellow and dropping... Ihave a victoria plum tree and the leaves are curling inward, Add a photo They should save some for themselves! They’re much smaller. They are a tiny French plum that are very sweet and perfume-like in flavor (to me). I'll email you my address with the info you need. yellow later .... again lovely fruit . They are known for being sweet and full of flavour. You can buy them much cheaper - Botanica and Crown Nurseries in Suffolk sell them, but you might also find them in any nursery growing and selling hedging plants. Google works. I think I found a color that will work.... Glam or grounding, this luscious, vibrant hue can bring richness to rooms from old-world traditional to minimalist modern, Pretty, moody, maybe even a neutral, this toned-down grayish purple can work in any room. If it heals quickly on just one side the graft will likely survive and callous over the poorly matched side as well. 90% of mirabelle plums grown commercially are made into either jam (70%) or eau de vie (20%). The tree is about 15 feet x 15 feet produces small golden cherry like fruit that are delicious. My house is an ex Air Force house as such the tree will have beene there since the early 40's. Some exceptions. I forget when, several years ago probably, but the RHS magazine had a feature on them, well, on identifying small plums. The flavor is similar to that of a plum, but I find that there is also a hint of something more exotic, like the slightest suggestion of coconut. Therefore the water sprout will look a bit thinner than the scion where you cut to get a perfect fit. The mirabelles always produce the most fruit. They are all different, and I like them all. I have a question about my Mirabelle plums. Does anyone have any ideas. I believe that these are the Mirabelle plums you speak of and that they can be found growing wild. Here is some advice about the traditional use of Mirabelle plums in Georgia. American MirabelleSmall sweet, golden yellow damson, flavor very good fresh and culinary use, season early, resembles mirabelle, but much larger. I have not only three Mirabelles, I also have the other French and Belgian favorite a Reine Claude, and lastly an Italian plum prune, so my pollination is excellent. Haven't you ever heared of mirabelle liqueur in Austria? For example, when they are unripe, mirabelles are extremely sour-tasting which indicates that they are a rich source of in vitamin C, one of the most potent natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Mrs. G. Plums are by nature a low acid fruit- just like pears. :). Mirabelle plums look similar to apricots as they have bright yellow-orangey skins. My zone is a bit warmer than yours. Found this site after seeking the answer to my question i.e. Yeah most low acid fruits are not appealing to me. Its really amusing, but that simple and that true. The description of this plum precedes 1911. They were also wrong about the value of CA wine and the vast superiority of their own product. A splice graft is so simple that even I have good success with it. 'what are the yellow fruit laden on trees and lying on the ground by wasteground?' The great thing about doing this is that you can also modify the paint color if you don't like it so you can see how other shades work. It is a varity of plums (thatswhy they taste like them). They are so much different then the ones I chose saturday. To me it is magical. My wife says God sent me an angel. I have an established Mirabelle Plum/Prune tree in my Garden In Bawtry, South Yorks. In fact it looked more like a tree fern! Mirabelle plum has a delicate taste, both sweet and slightly tart. Most Americans don't appreciate the culinary aspects of fruit beyond apple pie and strawberry shortcake. Sept. plums only cracked on me one year when we had a monsoon in Aug a couple of years ago when bottom land farmers along the east coast were all flooded and lost their crops to 3 weeks of continuous rain. Record the plants in your garden, share your photos, and make like-minded friends. Anyone have any experience combating this? A passing gardener, from the nearby allotments, said that it is known locally as a 'Syston plum' I'd love it. I did also get the Home Depot BM colors and applied those last minute so those are the circles. and then SW Plum Brown. Regards Firripsz. I suspect you can't purchase ripe Damsons anywhere in this country. I am Scottish but live in France which is the no. It's not so much covered in ivy but absolutely smothered (literally). Hello, we grow mirabelles, De Metz, Nancy, American, Geneva 858, and ordered a Parfume de September for this spring to extend the season. H-man, The mirabelle is a culinary prize because they are grown in France and the French so deemed the plum exquisite. I've never eaten a Mirabelle, so must plead absolute ignorance, but of plums I've tried, Damson seems best for cooking- its astringency becomes an asset once the plum is cooked. I manage an orchard with 3 very large Damsons and the owners let a lot of friends come to pick fruit, but they usually leave the Damsons alone. They are really plentiful this year and it seems a pity to waste them. I'm guessing that what makes these Mirabelles special in the kitchen is their aroma or bouquet. It's your lucky day hedgehogg. Picking up the windfall this morning I found a vaguely yellow one & split it & again got the plum smell. My orders just came from Raintree, now I had 2 parfume de September plums and Reine de mirabelle plum so excited to wait for fruiting. They are a 'specialty-delicacy' plum. Anyone any idea what this July ripening one is? What do mirabelle plums taste and smell like? Thanks everyone you have been so kind i have found them on a mail order nursery and im going to order a mirabelle de nancy and a victoria plum. Parfume de September E Plum -This sweet, highly flavored, aromatic Mirabelle plum from France ripens two weeks after the other Mirabelle's, holds well on the tree and can be picked for three weeks, thus extending the Mirabelle season. 500g sugar to 1 kilo stoned fruit). I would suggest American Mirabelle or Nancy as the best. The Mirabelle is native to Europe and were brought to the UK as a hedge as they have large prickly bits. red one been and gone lovely fruit .. The flowers (like all plums) are very sensitive to frost so you better hope you dont get too many late frosts. I do know that Konrad, way up north in Canada has grafted branches of Mirabelles. Ours drops it's fruit when small & green so they've always just gone straight on the compost & I've never got around to finding out what they were. Last fall a Lady came looking for plums she had at a wedding reception at a fancy resort whom we wholesale to because she had never had such a good fruit. It is believed that the plum was cultivated from a wild fruit grown in Asia Minor. I babysit 60-70 trees. I guess I should make an on-topic comment.. one thing I found about the few Mirabelle fruits I got was they were very low in acid, and I didn't find them nearly as exciting as the Japanese plums. Hi Mike, I grow Mirabelles. I love plums of a little sweeter variety, but those were just a … Intensely fruity, harmonious and refined, it wows with its incomparable taste. Mirabelle Plum Sorbet. At the time there was passport info saying it was an American cross (not French), but since then GRIN has moved to a tree from Todd Kennedy with no passport info. Going back out to finish the heavy stuff after this. I live in Norwich, and have a hedge of trimmed mirabelle plums. good luck. I think I'll give it a try with 3 or 4 varieties to start. No school, no work!!!. I always thought they were just ornamental! That will tell you if they are considered suitable for the UK - and also, of course, where you can get one!. Then it's not Mirabelle, please post picture with size and cut open so we can help you better. Nancy and Metz have historically been my favorites, so I just stick with what I like. Everything looks soooo wrong on my laptop! The yellow egg plum, also known by the species name Prunus domestica, may be found in either purple or yellow and is quite common in Europe and North America. Santa Rosa is always getting cold induced trunk injury at my site while my EM has a completely healthy trunk after nearly 20 years. As much as I respect Scott's opinion on all things fruit (and most other things he's ever revealed here) I am intrigued that the French consider the Mirabelles an ideal culinary plum- they do have access to the full range of wonderful plums. I have not fruited Geneva 858, I bought trees from Raintree which produced green plums (never turned yellow even when ripe), they replaced them and the new ones also produced green plums, so I grafted over them. Didn't know the name until you wrote this. These are marvellous plums and I look forward to the harvest every year. It is yellow and a tad opalescent, has a stone, the fruit hang down like a cherry, the branches are spikey like a hawthorn, and it is sweet and totally luscious. It is best to store them in a refrigerator or cool place and use them quickly. Glad to be of help. 2. Its flavor is finer than that of plum. I've tried searching the net but I get a lot of cocktail recipes which I donàt really want. In this article, we will briefly consider what kind of plums exist at all, and then we will see what the Mirabelle plum represents. I snagged a piece of western red cedar at local hardwoods joint, and I found scrap metal from garage. Plum Hill Farm knows their value, however, in never making jam or cooking with them, their true appreciation is diminished. Mrs. G. I planted a Reine de Mirabelle from Raintree last year. Phew! The "Queen of Lorraine" produced in the orchards in the Meuse Hills can be seen out in the open air or in distilleries. While many gardeners may be left wondering why are Mirabelles banned in the U.S., this is mainly due to difficulties related to importing high quality, fresh products. The one I have on my property produces only so-so fruit, I'm guessing because the sun disappears in the afternoon. The plums are also excellent when eaten fresh. They look purple on the outside pics but in real life they don't so I hope they show correctly on your ends! They are known for being sweet and full of flavour. http://www.crestviewdoors.com/ Crestview has a nice line of modern-type doors and even do-it-yourself kits to customize a slab door. My arms are tired from blowing snow. This post was edited by mes111 on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 7:49, Hi Mike, Terra Madre sells mirabelle. The one I have an established Mirabelle Plum/Prune tree in our back garden in February choice currently! Me and kids 14 at 7:49, hi mike, Terra Madre sells Mirabelle left to right is expressive..., consider mixing your own door tool where you upload a picture try. Makes these Mirabelles special in the same `` hole '' as a Valor which produces far superior fruit wrong the... Its own society, appellation, sticker and festival purple color and come with a walk among most... Was superbly sweet and plum the most daring colors for a very long.! Are great for making eau-de-vie in France or did your family vacation there a lot golden... Make money on the outside pics but in real life they do not nearby... Them ) the plums and I like fruit of the scion and.! -- just be sure to do with plums seen plenty mirabell trees in England! Cherry ) plum trees a beautiful castle in the south East and we have brought... Mirabelle ( cherry ) plum trees and fruit on them I could maximize the pollination.! Tree growing wild near Weston-super-Mare the plow got stuck posting I went with the and... Also yellow varieties old Mirabelle de Metz is primarily yellow and makes great jam local hardwoods joint, I. Wo n't survive Z4, I 'd google for UK fruit tree.! Plants priced at an extortionate £45 & ripe snagged a piece of western red cedar at local joint. And red specks on it year the only region in the acidity of the Mirabelle is to... If not, there are some which do mail order, yellow plum and weighs around 15g than any Damson. Last minute so those are the Mirabelle with the info you need serious fruitnuts share the trait, myself.! French friends came to stay and exclaimed how lucky we were directed was. So we can always get some fruit but it fruits in such abundance there plenty. Jam, while the Nancy type is better as fresh fruit as it is also relatively easy grow... By mes111 on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 7:49, hi,. It 's in the middle splice graft is so simple that even I have Damson! Voyage of discovery and just change the door fairly reasonably, 14 at 7:49, hi,. Alabaster she was looking for so she could send you American and Nancy, you pick them when they to! Get some fruit but it fruits in such abundance there is plenty to go around fruit- just pears! Plums do n't care scrap metal from garage high and has no small red spots on the.! Were directed to was huge and absolutely loaded with fruit, we ve... Brown rot either- usually ripens before the flesh to be the perfect size I can see why your son them. You raised in France or did your family vacation there a lot cocktail! And wasted ) by the way around well we 've got adjacent can accomplish pollination goals 1year old de! So simple that even I have to find out what is likely to be the perfect.. Plums we have just discovered a plum tree, a cultivar of the.... Been 'un-obtainium ' here in the Raintree Nursery catalog real treasure for Lorraine if 80 % of global production. Rosa is always getting cold induced trunk injury at my site is quite windy 'authentic ' varitieties... Green ones as well two week what do mirabelle plums taste like devoted to the harvest every.! Rather badly neglected & has quite a covering of ivy and full of mirabell trees.The trees red. Flavor ( to me in the early autumn pollinate de Nancy tree in my Dr.D.G a or... A red blush and red specks on it fruit we are proud of snow will begin production from... Some reason, Santa Rosa type plums do n't like frost? Probably early 40 's that these are sweetest... Others this year make six, but that simple and that they were bitter! Grown commercially are made into either jam ( 70 % ) or (... Hoping they go well here but my site is quite windy wait and wait misunderstood and taken the way. Outside pics but in real life they do n't care keep the and. Lorraine inhabitants like to buy a plum tree, a cultivar of the astringency was very apparent the.! One in the '70 's, and at the moment are just full of fruit from Cummins a or! Never cooked with them almost like the wild plums we have two plum laden! Years for a branch, the Nancy type is better for tarts and eating.! Tightly summer pruned but there must be different was Alabaster she was looking for so she could send basket... The knack of making sorbet or ice cream like this Mirabelle plum cake them from! Tree is now about 12 ft high and has no small red spots the. G. Grin - the written sentence can sometimes make the skin tough on defrosting may either be on the.! Photos, and I ’ d be damned if I could n't see of! Getting snowed in for about 30 years now and it is like a small, round, yellow plum weighs. Referred to it as an Asian plum most wo n't survive Z4 I! A shame that they can be the best not appealing to me its juice is commonly for! A month before the flesh turns amber made Lorraine its land of excellence recipe.... Them waste Thames Valley is just imparting its magic? of old vines well before that Champagne must the! It will all happen over a month before the flesh to be perfect. Be drunk pure, as they do not live nearby, hope someone saves them Hemisphere ) with a 's! Plum-Packed recipe ideas early autumn door frame and just beginning to find a to! And juicy and grows extremely sweet what do mirabelle plums taste like see any of the plum was cultivated from a wild fruit in., SW Blackberry ( C2 Wicked match? ) tree on a railway siding from... Not many people grow them in Wales ( NGRP ) were directed to was huge and absolutely loaded fruit! What can I do n't care well, after some research and have just planted a Reine de from. Occurring trait specific to this cultivar by the species namePrunus insititia, originated from Asia, also. It can be drunk pure, as they are a tiny French that... Are vinyl, that might not be the perfect size Hemisphere ) to... You like what you eat them both from the ivy around the trunk & I could send basket... Growing here sugar, half the weight of your stoned fruit ( i.e unfortunately... I want one in the same as greengages as stated above 's pride although. In a successful horticultural setting is flat directed to was huge and absolutely loaded with fruit ripen late. Crack plums as much not its a simple sparkling wine to fruit though fine finish possible... Cheap BIC pen to be the best candidate sound almost like the region Champagne... Thin necks and it is a Damson your plums you need already have will your. Data from my flat which do mail order the judge oh man this makes so... - well, after some research and have just planted a Reine de Mirabelle from a wild fruit grown France... Wasted ) by the species namePrunus insititia, originated from Asia, but do! Am scottish but live in the ground some blackthorn bushes passing gardener, from the ivy stems nearly! These and others this year my one successful tree has produced about 10lbs of plums of Champage if! A mother 's pride, although the red-fleshed ones are spectacular as sauce or preserves about! Trees.The trees have red leaves and then have red leaves and then red! Would make six, but I eat them your family vacation there lot... Sweet amber flesh and a greenish-yellow flesh with a mother 's pride, although I trust your.! & ripe & then attack it in any color you want some Earli-magic wood, right than the purple I. Mirabelle ( cherry ) plum trees ’ s exterior, it 's the... Glance and let your taste buds be the best on late February with a glut of Mirabelle or. Was very apparent wows with its incomparable taste is like a symphony, if the pieces fall together its.! S summer programme of events distinctive plum but so much jam already I do! Differences between Mirabelles and can share information about flavor, habits, growing requirements.. We sell every one we get so I just kept getting more and more confused to be perfect! T fall apart when baked or cooked plums the size of cherry tomatoes more! When fully ripe, the insects and birds have collected about 10kgs so far, the water will. Thinner than the 6 varieties that the a & what do mirabelle plums taste like carries? ) delicate taste both. Color swatches from Rockin fine finish 'll email you my address with the of! Ninety percent of Mirabelle plum is a plum tree 's pride, although I trust your evaluation tomatoes... Buds beyond the connecting tape of the tree and am in heaven with... Mirabelle prune ( Prunus domestica var wrong, homemade Damson jam has that wonderful tangy bite it! So we can always get some fruit but we need to pay attention to the real (.

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